Addicted to Anemones

Anemones are such a unique, beautiful flower. I’m a huge fan. I love how they can work for a modern wedding or a more vintage inspired wedding. They come in shades of white, pink, blue, or red. Their season is Nov – April which was sad for me since I really wanted them in my bouquet, but I had a summer wedding. And now some beautiful examples – if you aren’t a fan yet, I think you may be soon :)

I love that they can work for a chic modern feel:

{josh caine, martha stewart, the designers’ co-op}

a more vintage vibe:

{flickr, michele m waite, fleurs, camilla flowers}


a pretty romantic wedding:

{fleurs, martha stewart, Ariella Chezar, karen tran}

{florals by denise fasanello, photos by monika broz}

a bright cheery bouquet:

{photo by bonnie tsang and bouquet by flower wild, max wanger, unknown, unknown, fleurs}

or a bold black + white color combo:

{, paul johnson}

And how stunning are these cakes with anemones!

{Peggy Porschen Cakes, Confetti Cakes}

Anyone planning to use anemones for their wedding?

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I love anemones!

  2. I think I’ve just revised my mother’s day request. LOVELY post.

  3. I am madly in love with these, too. I’m planning to make my flowers out of fabric…and I think I have my inspiration!

  4. Wow, those cakes are gorgeous! Great post!

  5. I have used anemone in several weddings (one Saturday in fact), because I like you am obsessed! But I do like to warn brides that they are an extremely delicate flower! If touched too much, or left out of water too long, they will start to wilt. There's a few photos of Saturday's bridal bouquet of roses & anemone on our blog:

  6. Jen! I just love YOU and your posts. They truly inspire me on the daily.

  7. I love anemones! This is such a great post!

  8. thanks so much everyone!! nice to see I’m not the only one addicted :)

    thanks jessica for the tips also – good things to remember.

  9. I love these flowers, too. Anemones are on our potential accent flower list – just depends what’s fresh and available when our floral designers gets to the market that morning. I’m crossing my fingers!

  10. Love the ones with vintage vibe, so gorgeous!

  11. oh…*cry*
    I wanted anemones! And I’m having a summer wedding. Ah well. At least dahlias will still be in season (yes please?)

  12. I am so addicted too! I can’t wait to do a cake with anemones!

  13. stunning as always.
    I adore anemones :)

  14. Anemones are my wedding flower! Thanks so much for posting this!!

  15. love, love, love it!!! great post! :) white with black centers and white with green centers are my favorite!

  16. Yes- love anemones- I plan to do my bouquet in the all white with black centers anemones and my bridesmaids will be a mix of the white and other pink flowers. Love it!

  17. These are great for a couple who’s into graphic design because anemones have a modern look.

  18. Jen!

    Such a cute collection. I too am completely smitten with their black and white prettiness. Seriously, don’t they make you wish you’d had your wedding in the winter???

  19. I have decided if I ever get married again I am using anemones. Thanks for sharing them!

  20. Any alternatives for a summer wedding? I really wanted to use anemones, but my wedding is this August, outdoors in the hot hot heat of Sonoma… If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. Our colors are black, white, grey, with bright acid and dark avocado green, and bubble-gum pink accent. Thanks!


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