A Wedding on a Mountain

One of my favorite things about Southern Cali is all the different environments. We have the beach, the city, vineyards, desert, and mountains. This wedding takes place on a mountain. I love it. The ceremony site looks so magical – and when you get married at a location like this, you don’t need to do much in terms of decorating – something to keep in mind :) Having a super talented photographer also helps in the case for Darrell + Jorden. Hugh Forte has a great eye for capturing the most intimate moments on film. This wedding took place in Lake Arrowhead, CA at the Hidden Creek Lodge.


bridal party

I love their first look photos – how cute are they?

first look

bride and groom

mountain wedding

mountain wedding

mountain wedding

Love these two photos – what beautiful light!

mountain wedding

mountain wedding

Thanks Hugh for letting me share some of your beautiful photos and be sure to check out more of Hugh’s photography on his blog.

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  1. Love the natural beauty of the bride and the simple elegance of her dress suited her perfectly. The soft color pallette works so well with the venue. Such a naturally gourgeous couple!

  2. Hugh's work is great! We are big fans! Lovely wedding and wonderfully captured!

  3. I love the bridesmaid dresses, where are they from?

  4. I am gaga for that rustic wooden arbor and gazebo- just stunning! Sometimes nature truly is the most magnificent setting.

  5. so pretty, love her casual hairstyle the best, though!

  6. I love this wedding, beautiful!

  7. these are some of the most gorgeous people i have ever seen in one wedding.

  8. i LOVE those first photos. that first look is sooooo sweet. thank you so much for sharing xoxo

  9. Dear Anonymous-

    I deleted your comment since it was rude and you knew it was and didn't sign your name. If you post an anonymous comment that is a mean comment about someone's real wedding, it will be deleted. Everyone has different tastes and if you don't like their style, just don't comment. This site is a happy place, I don't want mean/rude comments when brides are sweet enough to share their wedding with us. Thank you for understanding.

  10. What a beautiful bride, and I love the grey suits!

  11. Lisa (feel better now?) on:


    Honestly, I really don't think it was rude. It was the the obvious truth as I plainly see it. I didn't say anything really terrible. I commented on a pair of shoes. Come on. Get a grip. I complimented everything else about the wedding – because everything else is so gorgeous. The shoes seem out of place. I'd say the same thing to a girlfriend and because my girlfriends are sane and have style, they would agree – terrible shoes. I didn't give you my name because I didn't think it mattered. But if you want it, there you have it. I'd never post anything I wouldn't have the guts to say in public and I have the guts to be honest about those hooves for shoes ruining those pretty dresses.

  12. Lisa –
    While it's true not everyone will like every single detail of everyone's wedding, this is one of the most important days in your life, so we'd like to focus on the details you loved. Thanks :)

  13. Gorgeous wedding! Love the blog too. Everything you post is stunning.

  14. Looks like such a fun wedding, I love how they photographer captured the couple in all the images…

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love…'

  15. love the grey suits! anyone know where they got them?? thanks!

  16. first off, love the pictures all together. IN regards to previous comments, I am grateful that people's tastes are different and that we have unique weddings, tastes and styles to look through, even if they aren't our own. Great blog ~

  17. Thanks Sprouted Kitchen for your great comment. And I'm honored you found my blog! I love love your blog. Your images of food are so beautiful!

  18. I photographed a wedding here two years ago and it was so much fun. There are so many different areas to photograph. There are also many beautiful water features, a stream and a pond. It's a beautiful location for any wedding! Awesome photographs!

  19. I really love the pictures. I'm glad everyone likes the location. My husband built for our daughter who enjoys the out doors and nature. So dad went to work to make her dream come true. This was really a labor of love, a dad's love for his daughter.What you don't see in the pics is the pond and 400 feet of streams. Now we are happy to see other wonderful couples enjoying this site too.

  20. Just stunning, a very beautiful bride! I love crisp white bridesmaid dresses, so clean and fresh, specially for a summer-day wedding.

  21. Where was this wedding held? It's beautiful!
    Anyone know the website?

  22. Cindy Beth – This wedding took place in Lake Arrowhead, CA at the Hidden Creek Lodge.



  23. I absolutely LOVE this venue! i had my wedding here in August and i am still so amazed at its natural beauty


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