A Surprise Wedding Done as a Movie

Happy Friday everyone! I have something a bit different today. I really think your wedding should be about you as a couple and this couple totally did just that. It’s a new twist on traditional wedding ceremonies, inspired by the idea that invitations and events should represent you, the host, and all your unique eccentricities.

A couple weeks ago, Lorien, the CEO of pingg, and Jessica hopped a plane to Vegas to secretly get married in the desert. In on the secret were the couple’s parents (who were not present at the wedding) and a small film crew, The Sibs. Together they spent the weekend filming an amazingly sexy/romantic Oliver Stone meets David Lynch movie about their alter egos, which concluded with the surprise ending– Lorien and Jessica exchanging vows.

Three weeks later, 200 of the couples’ closest friends and family traveled to NYC to celebrate Jess and Lorien’s combined 30th and 40th birthdays. Guests gaped in awe at the mysterious movie, curious about where it was leading until half way through the film, as the surprise element was slowly unraveling, the guests all erupted with excitement—finally realizing with shock and amazement that, what they were witnessing was in fact a real wedding ceremony.

Lorien and Jessica’s wedding is inspiring, fun and uniquely them. They are hoping that in sharing their story, video and invitation with others, they can inspire people to find their own unique style.

Thanks so much for sharing your uniquely you wedding! They dreamed of having a wedding party that was them and did just that. Below are a few photos from the day with the super creative “birthday invitation” that was sent out. Love those shoes!

And here is the video. It is a bit long, but totally worth it. And what a great way to remember your day! How crazy that party must have been when everyone realized what had happened! Congrats again to Lorien and Jessica and thanks to Brittany (a friend who sent this amazing story).

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  1. oh my gosh! amazingly creative and how very special :)

  2. what is that last song? anyone know?

  3. OMG…. this brought tears to my eyes! What a GREAT idea! And the sibs could def. go into buisness with doing weddings like that!

  4. It's "The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind" by Griffin House. Find it on their "Flying Upside Down" album.

    No need to thank me miss, just doing my job as your friendly neighborhood DJ…

  5. WOW! I love this. How crazy and cool!?!

  6. Oh I LOVE her sparkly backless, black dress and her sparkly Louboutin heels! Hot!

  7. I would love to seen a video when everyone saw the film!

  8. awesome! so unique and will definitely be treasured for a lifetime!

  9. They did a great job with the film.

  10. As a movie fan, I love this. Fun, sexy, intimate, and did i say fun? I would love to do something like this!! thanks for showing all kinds of weddings.

  11. all I can say is…so cool!

  12. Concept was cool, but certain parts felt too gratuitous and cheesy (going for the crotch grab TMI), which is fine if that's what you are after. Not sure I really liked the tone of it. But good for you guys if thats what you wanted. congrats


  14. So cool because weddings are all about ME ME ME- so yeah they are self indulgent anyway. I think it's amazing they played with that idea, didn't take themselves seriously and had fun. Hats off to them. Why not be a movie star on your wedding day? congrats.

  15. even their invite is cool. I'm guessing it's a pingg invite since that's his company. very very clever. never seen an invite like that or a video/wedding like that. creative.

  16. Love how the invite states they hooked up while they were both involved with other people! The drink will always do it to ya ;)

  17. I absolutely love this!!!!! So amazing!! Very cool. I love films and this is just perfect!!

    Picasso Perfect Photography

  18. Just perfect. ANd think of how the guests did not need to feel in "wedding mode" but could enjoy the event in a spontaneous way. We enter the new age where technology, from on line invites, such as this Pingg.com one, videos on the internet can make a marriage more meaningful and accessible and maybe even greener.

  19. creative, fun and super unique. maybe it's just me but if these were my friends, I wouldn't wanna see them crotch grabbin' and straddlin' making out (different when its people i dont know or actors). Awkward. BUT! thats just me! Definitely made it their own! Clever.

  20. I got teary-eyed with the song! Everything is so unique and all!

  21. I love it more than anything in the whole wide world!!!

  22. Love this idea – just fab! Where can a girl get those Louboutins??? Can't find them! Thanks for the post.

  23. It was interesting, a little over produced. I liked the wedding ceremony the best, IMHO, the most genuine part of video, and the women who married them was such a character. I wish there was more of her in it. She really sealed it for me.

  24. Good grief, this video is controversial. I agree with all the posters though, it's a combination of racy, inappropriate, sexy, sweet, romantic and self indulgent….pretty much like all weddings in general.

  25. Done so artistically, and non-sappy and I still cried. What a fabulous idea and execution.

  26. Yay! Jessica and my husband went to college together, and since we weren't able to attend their "birthday party," she let us in on the big surprise early. We loved seeing how well they revealed their secret wedding, and couldn't be happier for them!

  27. CUTE! I love surprise weddings!

  28. That was the coolest thing ever. Altough I knew how the story was ending I found myself crying when the old, new, borrowed, blue came up.

  29. DJ Austin, do you know the rest of the music used? In particular, the song about 2:10 in. I'm diggin it, but don't know what it is! :)

  30. I'm not DJ Austin but that song at 2:10 is called Beggin' by Madcon. It's a great song!

  31. please someone tell me the name of the louboutins i've been trying to find them everywhere!

  32. Does anyone know if the Sibs do this regularly or did they know the couple? I looked on their website but couldnt find any info about wedding videos?

  33. Can you tell me what songs they used in the vid? I like the music choices! lol

    I like this movie idea very much.=)

  34. i totally erupted into tears… lol. This was awesome.


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