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about us
Hello to you You who likes the true, the authentic, the simple. You who likes the contact of linen on your skin, the way the crickets chirp in the evening and the sound of thunder behind the louvers, in summer. You who likes what has value, what stays, what can be devised as a gift. My name is Amber, I'm a photographer and I let time carry me. I live for the invisible, the ephemerality of a moment, the fragility of a relationship. I'm defined by landscapes, discovery and wander. I live in a small village lost in the middle of forests, in a small 17th century house made of stones and wood. For me, memories have the same value as the moment. Because we forget, the details, the smiles, the touches, and all the in-between. So I take pictures, for me, for the others, for the memory, to never forget. I photograph intimate weddings in places that matter, and all the small moments that define life. So, welcome, traveler. Welcome home.

why we love weddings
I love the intimacy that's created between people, not only the couple but also the family and close friends present for this occasion. I love every detail created by the couple, and I love how they see the place in which they get married.

our travel policy
I actually shoot more abroad than in France, and I have a very easy travel option!

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