With Love ~ by Georgie

location: Northern & Southern California, CA

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phone: (714) 222-2730

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Elopements begin at $1500 / Weddings start at $4200

about us
1. Can't do life without coffee! Cold brew is my hit right now! ;) 2. Love to try different ethnic foods (bit of a foodie) but not gonna lie - at the end of the day, I can always go for a good cheeseburger and fries. 3. I love being an aunt to nine nieces and nephews! Best part of my life! 4. I'm a straight shooter! Though its gotten me into trouble at times, I still firmly believe “honesty is best policy.” 5. My true friendships are treasures to me. Although none of us are perfect, I always strive to be a good friend. 6. My parents passed away when I was about seven years old, so it was just me and my three older sisters for awhile. Yes, just like "Party of Five"...only all girls! My sisters can drive me crazy (four girls!) but I could never love anyone the way I love my sisters. 7. This might surprise a lot of people, but even though I'm a wedding photographer, I'm not at all a hopeless romantic! I always prefer humor over romance in movies. But I do believe in true love (maybe even soul mates.) "As Good As It Gets" is one of my favorite romantic comedy movies. 8. I could never date or marry a vegetarian. I love meat too much! #redmeatforlife 9. Heights, rodents and people licking their fingers freak me out! Ewwww!!!! 10. Trials, heartaches, blessings and love...I know that I could not endure anything without having faith! "Thank you, Jesus!" ; )

our approach / working with us
If you're looking for a photographer to just get a couple "smiling" pictures, I'm probably not your photographer. But if you're looking for a photographer to really get those special feelings you have for one another, the insight that no one but maybe your closest friends and family see - then I'm your photographer. If you want get the best of your portraits, with the most beautiful backdrop, not afraid to hike or travel a little, get the most amazing sunsets, and feel like every cent was worth for your portraits ...your heirlooms that will last forever & ever .... where your great- great- grandkids can see where this great love started at .....then I'm your photographer! Be warn, that I will want to be best friends and remind you how pretty you look and bring you coffee on your big (or a mimosa!).

why we love weddings
Though many of us share similar events such as engagements, weddings, and babies, we will never have the same story or dynamic. Yours is unique, special, and only yours. Those are the moments that I love to capture

our travel policy
YES, love to travel. And my packages will blow you away with no extra charges.

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