The Lovely Lens

location: New York City, NY

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phone: (315) 729-5304

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Full-day packages start at $3,100. But I'm always happy to do shorter mini-ceremonies and elopements so please reach out.

about us
I’m a documentary photographer that floats between the journalism and art worlds during my weekday hours and I’ve been shooting weddings for 15 years (I just gasped counting). I love telling stories as much as I love listening to the stories of others. I’m the type of person who inevitably cries at every ceremony - even if we only met two hours ago - and manages to dance my way onto the floor in the thick of it while shooting. My journalistic training means I catch all the fleeting details, the moments you might not even know are happening until you look back later, ideally while simultaneously giggling and wiping away a tear.

our approach / working with us
I tend to think of myself as an anti-wedding-photographer wedding photographer. Seems confusing, but hear me out. I’ve never been super crazy about the industry as a whole, which can sometimes feel like quite a beast. But I DO very much love love, declarations of love, beautiful things and capturing all of the above. When I peer through the lens, I don't just see a wedding. I see humor and quirks and texture and color. I see people who are geeking out, goofy, nervous, unabashedly happy, imperfect and going through a gushy mess of emotions. This means that we’ll take some stunner portraits together, but I also don’t shy away from shooting those awkward dance moves and the runny mascara. Because I believe that’s the stuff that’s most human and real. They’re the details that matter.

why we love weddings
There’s a long list of why I love to shoot weddings. More than anything, I think it might be because I see these celebrations that we choose to create as some of the last remaining spaces truly free of cynicism and fear. They offer a refuge for the hope that may be difficult to summon some other days, and all the aspirations we hold so dear. They are a brave statement in the world, and that’s worth a whole lot. There's never a time when it doesn't feel like the highest honor to be able to witness that.

our travel policy
I love to travel! I regularly split my time between Mexico and New York and am always delighted to have an excuse to venture beyond those as well. There are never extra charges for traveling.

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