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location: Los Angeles + San Diego, CA

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about us
We make fast friends with you and yours, show up radiant, energized and excited to be doing what we love: capturing the honest beauty and emotion of your wedding day. We embrace spirit and energy and take a pass on pretense and posing. We are easy, like Sunday morning. We go with the flow. We are inspired by people in love, inner beauty, real emotions and moments, mother nature and the great outdoors, thoughtful and meaningfully crafted events, moments, and content, and good design!

our approach / working with us
We view every wedding as a collaboration, not just between you and us, but all of the elements that shape your wedding day. Even though we bring a similar approach to most weddings (primarily documentary style, with a dash of kind of a natural, fine art portraiture), no two wedding could ever be the same, as we let everything about your day (the weather, the color of the flowers, the energy in the air, the way a couple interacts with each other) influence the process. We love to tell the whole story of your day through capturing the big moments, the little in between and unexpected moments, the designed details, the accidental ones, the real emotions, the landscapes, the PEOPLE, and the joy! Mostly, we hope that our style comes out through our photos, and that they speak for themselves, and if they are speaking to you, then we should talk!

why we love weddings
Man, we love weddings. We love that we get to be with people on one of the happiest days of their lives, when they look and feel their best on the inside and out. We love that no two wedding could ever be the same, and for all the careful planning there are always so many wonderful unplanned surprises. We love that we get to exercise so many different types of photographic skills and approaches in one awesome day. We love capturing real moments and real emotions, and weddings are such an abundance of both!

our travel policy
We LOVE to travel, and are so inspired by getting out of our own elements and experiencing new places or revisiting places with a fresh perspective. Generally, our travel fee will cover basic travel costs such as airfare and lodging, but we do our best to offer the kind of coverage that can help offset at least some of the travel fees!

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