Pear & Thorn

location: Vero Beach, FL

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phone: (772) 321-3049

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Our films are are carefully crafted pieces of art and meant to be cherished for a lifetime. The investment for our films begins at $2900 and all of our packages include a film "trailer" like the cinematic love stories featured here and on our website.

about us
We are friendly, approachable, artful, emotionally honest, edgy, deep and homegrown, grass roots kind of artists. We find that one of the most important things to consider when meeting with potential wedding artists is gauging how well you get along. I mean, think about it, we are going to be together during your most intimate, emotional, happy-tear induced moments on your wedding day, so it's pretty crucial that you like us and want to be around us for all of that! Who we are is a large part of what we bring to your wedding film and we're frankly pretty proud to say that all of our clients have turned into life-long friends! We talk A LOT with our clients before, during and after their wedding answering questions, helping with planning and details or sometimes just to chat about something funny we saw that made us laugh. We are seasoned filmmakers and not much phases us. We stay cool and calm under pressure and are always ready to jump in collaborate with you on your vision for your film. We don't just show up and turn the cameras on. We get to Know you and your fiancé. We've thought about how you interact together and are sensitive to what you love about each other. We will help you tell your story yourselves! We will make sure you are able to focus on each moment as it's happening and to just take everything in and enjoy it. We don't push you into awkward poses and direction during portraits is as minimal as possible (but we are totally ready to help if you don't know what to do with your hands!) We are there to frame your love story as you tell it, capturing every little detail that may slip from memory down the road in beautiful breathing motion. We love knowing that you're going to cry and laugh when you watch your film and that your film will serve as a moment in time captured to take you back to when you first kissed as a married couple.

our approach / working with us
Think of our films as elegance with an edge. We conceptualized Pear & Thorn as a play on our surnames as well as the contrast and compliments we found within our relationship. The pear fruit is soft, crisp, unique and luxurious in some ways, while the thorn is unpredictable, wild, self-preserving, and often attached to things of great beauty. These elements very much represent our films. Each shot is carefully crafted and the resulting film is edited meticulously for several weeks until your love story is perfected. We approach every single wedding like a blank canvas. Each film is as unique and beautiful as our couples. We will never force a wedding to be anything but what it was, framed artistically and honestly.

why we love weddings
The best thing about working in the wedding industry is getting to meet and work with so many different types of people in amazing settings and with amazing designs--it's a dream come true really. But what we love most is hearing and witnessing a couple's love story, because that's what the wedding is all about! Every story is so unique and there's not a single one like another. It's such an honor to bear witness to all these amazing moments in time. And honestly, we are a little addicted to love stories, so weddings help feed the need! We absolutely love being married and our own wedding story is a large reason for why we work in wedding filmmaking. There's so much emotion wrapped in a wedding day: joy, laughter, nerves, and love and it's simply such a joy to capture the day as it unfolds. It really is a dream come true to always work with happy people!

our travel policy
We love traveling. It's our favorite hobby and what keeps our marriage healthy, so please reach out if you're considering an elopement or an intimate destination wedding. We love an adventure, so share your plans and we will create a custom travel package to meet your needs! We are available year round and in any location you can dream up! We just want to film you being in love in the place you want to get married most!

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