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location: San Diego, CA

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phone: (818) 395-6989

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Wedding photography isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Every couple has different needs and budgets! Which is why I offer custom packages starting at $3500. Most couples spend around $5000. Still over your budget? Reach out anyway and we might be able to work out a custom package for you!

about us
I don’t believe in imposing a mood onto your memories. Trendy edits, filters, and lighting choices don't add anything to the meaningful moments you share on your wedding day. In fact, they can actually detract from your remembrance of them. I focus on creating images that beautifully and artistically represent your connection- a look that's relevant now and for years to come. During your engagement session and on your wedding day, I’ll guide you and your fiancé through movement-based poses that result in organic images showcasing your relationship. Eight years of experience have helped me perfect the art of the wedding photography dance—I know exactly when to step in and provide direction, and when to step back to document candid moments as they unfold.

our approach / working with us
To capture and convey the emotion of your wedding day, I use the timeless medium of film photography. There's a secret magic sauce in film that can't really be described. If I had to label it, though, I’d call it gold dust. Film reveals subtle details, displays depth, encourages artistic composition, and lends a sense of rarity and refinement to your wedding images. Everyone tries to emulate the look of film photography, but there's no copying the real thing...and so the real thing is exactly what you'll get. Why? Because in order to remember your wedding day well, you need the best of the best. I’ve photographed nearly 200 weddings in locations ranging from Yosemite to Hawaii, and guess what? To my knowledge, none of my couples have ever walked a runway before...and you don’t have to be a professional model to walk away from your wedding day with images that are as stunning as they are significant. Bring me your camera-shyness, your feelings of awkwardness, and every last question and concern of the “What in the world do I do with my hands?” variety. Using an artistic eye, dynamic photo direction, and the timeless medium of film photography, I’ll create fine art images you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

why we love weddings
Weddings are a hodge-podge amalgamation of all types of photography. It's fashion, journalism, editorial, candid, fine art, and product styling in one. I'll never get bored! Every single wedding is a new experience to create meaningful art. I LOVE having my couples discover how great they can look in front of my camera, and preserving that for generations to come.

our travel policy
I've shot weddings all over the world! I've got a valid passport and I'm ready to go! I hate extra fees so travel charges are built in to your quote as a flat rate so you don't have to worry about finding flights or accommodations for me.

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