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location: Ojai, CA

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about us
I’m from vienna, austria and have a background in classical music, fashion photography and commercial directing. for the most part I’m in the background capturing all those little nuggets that will later remind you of the emotional essence of your day. i sometimes stage a few moments, really depending on how artistic i am feeling and what gems i'm observing. i've been told that my films bring people back to what it felt like the day of the event. which is the biggest compliment.

our approach / working with us
i apply an intuitive approach to shooting and editing that sets my films apart from the average wedding video. i shoot digitally and clean, but add a plethora of effects, frame by frame, that result in a vintage look. i tend to include shots that are not perfect. quick zooms, and i don't linger on shots that we've all seen a zillion times before. everyone knows what a wedding video is supposed to look like. this is absolutely not my aim. i try and keep it light, not too heavy-handed. i select moments that years later you will still see as defining your event, your day, and the relationship among your friends and family.

why we love weddings
i've been creating vintage looking wedding films for about 5 years now, and i am truly loving it. i used to shoot commercials and brand films but weddings have touched my heart. it always floors me when two people find and commit to each other publicly. there's nothing like spending your day with positive people who embrace LOVE and being allowed to unleash my creativity, and capture all those beautiful little moments on film. after some time, the final film is delivered and i get even more love. it does not get better than this. it's a truly satisfying job.

our travel policy
happy to travel to palm springs, LA and santa barbara free of charge. anything beyond that, anywhere around the world, if you can get me to your venue and put me up for however long you want me, i'll be there.

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