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Hey! My name is Lukas but you can call me Luke I’LL SEE YOUR ENTIRE DAY, ALL YOUR PEOPLE TOGETHER, AS ART. I’ll frame it and preserve it with cinematic storytelling so you can be transported back to these moments every time you pick up your photo book. And then we have your experience. Be free to feel every emotion possible. Jump on the tables and dance like crazy. Or just quietly hold each other and let the world fade around you. I will hold space for you to be you. I will bring it all together for you. For your family and friends. For future generations. Plus, I want to bring it all together so you can have a hell of a good time.

our approach / working with us
MY VOICE IS … Through light and shadows … Lines and symmetry … The movements of emotions I found a way to articulate how life felt to me. And in sharing my passion with others, I discovered how to communicate. I find myself feeling more like a narrator than a photographer. And I’m never afraid to deliver your love story HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR STORY TOLD?

why we love weddings
I am truly passionate about weddings, as they represent the beauty of love and the bond between two people. I enjoy being part of such a special occasion filled with happiness and emotion. WHY I LOVE WEDDINGS … The palpable magic in the air … The vulnerability of raw emotions … The intricate dance of traditions and customs I am captivated by the unique charm each wedding possesses, with love between the couple shining through. Every wedding is a story, and I feel privileged to help capture it. Witnessing the power of love at weddings is inspiring, as it brings people together and gives us hope. I am grateful for the opportunity to document these precious memories for the couple and their loved ones. For me, wedding photography is more than just a job. It's an art form and a chance to make a meaningful impact on someone's life. My camera allows me to preserve the most important moments from your special day. As I capture your wedding, I pay attention to the emotions and interactions that make your love unique – the laughter, the tears, the loving looks, and the gentle touches. These moments make your story come alive, and I am honored to help you remember them forever. So, how do you want your story told? Allow me to be the storyteller who turns your love story into a cherished keepsake that will be enjoyed for years.

our travel policy
Of course, I understand that love knows no boundaries, and neither do I when it comes to capturing your special day. I am thrilled to travel worldwide to document your love story. I am more than happy to join you on your destination wedding adventure, whether it's a tropical beach, a historic city, or a secluded mountain retreat. I am available to travel worldwide and have experience capturing weddings in various locations. Just so you know, travel fees are added to each package to cover transportation, accommodation, and other expenses related to your destination wedding. These fees will be discussed and agreed upon during our consultation, ensuring transparency and ease in planning your big day.

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