Levi Tijerina

location: The American Southwest and Denver, CO

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willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Starting at $3600 for Wedding Coverage and $2000 for Elopements

about us
I got into photography when I was living in Lithuania and wanted a way to communicate about how it impacted, challenged, and shaped my world. Photography was that voice. Since Lithuania was so foreign to my upbringing in the Midwest, photography was my outlet. I’m really fascinated by weddings and marriage. My wife grew up in Papua New Guinea; in PNG culture, girls are married off when they are 12 or 13 and they never get to pick who they marry…they are traded by their uncles for a literal dowry, often chickens and pigs. My wife and her family [American ex-pats] eventually moved away from PNG and back to Colorado. Years later, after we had met in Minnesota and dated (mostly) long-distance, we decided to get more serious and she chose to marry me.  As a woman who is very well aware of the privilege we have in the West/Modern World to choose our spouses, she chose me. That’s something that really sweeps my heart, and it gives me a different perspective on our marriage. I love that this is something that we commit to daily and are continuously working for.

our approach / working with us
Weddings, for me, have always been about the Story. There is something ineffable about two people gathering in front of the most important people in their lives to commit themselves to one another for a lifetime. I want to use photography to tell an authentic documentary of your wedding day. I use things like light, landscapes, color, and detail to help layer and tell a meaningful story. Your story.

why we love weddings
I love how weddings bring in so many different aspects—family ties, daily rituals, joy, hope, and fear—I love being present to tell those kinds of stories. Of course, I want to make pretty pictures, but I really want to participate in stories and be part of a familial legacy. I love that photography allows me to be a part of that, both for myself, and for others.

our travel policy
I travel for roughly half of the weddings I'm a part of: whether your wedding is in Colorado, rural Iowa, or Japan; shoot me an e-mail. No distance is too close, too far, or too remote. To keep things straightforward, my travel fees are flat rate: my travel rate inside of the continental USA is $800 and my international travel rate is $1800.

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