KCM Studios

location: Kansas City, MO

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phone: (816) 286-9058

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Weddings start at $2800 with the option to add videography coverage, event coordination and travel.

about us
At KCM Studios, I am much more than the one taking the photos. Having mentored with some of the greatest businesses in the service industry, I have immersed myself in all moving parts that take place on a wedding day. I operate with ownership of the fluidity of your day, day-of coordination will go hand-in-hand with the coverage. The smoother the day, the more pure presence shows in the finished gallery. I will get in touch with your event planner, coordinators and any available vendors to discuss the itinerary to ensure we are on the same page for a day that flows flawlessly. I will also research and/or visit your ceremony & reception site before the big day to get acquainted with the layout and prepare to capture your dream day. We will meet back up for drinks and lay out the final itinerary complete with addresses and details. During your day, I will be knowledgeable of your timeline, addresses, important arrivals, VIP family & friends and key details so guests and staff will be able to rely on me so that you and your other half can be fully present in the day and be blissfully unaware of any behind the scenes magic happening. It’s not just about the pictures you take, but the experience you take with you.

our approach / working with us
The approach is organic, rich and refreshing. I’m often told my photos look “real,” which is a huge compliment on the highest level to me. I’m here only for what’s real. My purpose is to write moments exactly as they are, in an image so pure, you feel it all over again for years to come. We rarely connect with photos (even artistically stunning photos) by the way they look, but how they make us feel. My mission solely revolves around bringing real images that will stir you, no matter how much time has passed. To look through your life and be pulled into each moment. Remembering what he said just before it was taken, or even how carefully her hand moved across your face. I am not looking to grow a business empire, but a movement for authentic love. A growing, inspiring energy that breathes raw moments as I am trusted to leave not a single detail of that place in time unwritten.

why we love weddings
There are many days that we aren't aware are one of those life-changing times in your life until long after it has passed. With each year around the sun, we grow wiser and wiser to all those small moments that turned out to be the big ones. Your wedding, from sunrise until into the morning hours of the next day, is one we know in advance is a key pivotal day in your life experience. I love this high level of reverence, every tiny detail matters, even if we don't recognize the purpose at the time. I love being in something so close to the very heartbeat of why we love and live. All the raw connections in such an emotional place. Everyone is going through something. From fragile emotion to overwhelming joy and everything in between. Weddings make me feel so close to life itself.

our travel policy
The studio is available for travel with the US and internationally. While I am located in Kansas City, I travel for many of my events. Many locations are available for travel at a discounted travel cost due to desire to visit the location. Check my travel bucket list or contact me to see if your location is on the travel bucket list!

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