Jose Melgarejo

Jose Melgarejo

location: Brooklyn & New York City, NY

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phone: 201 674-1254

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Local investment starts at $2,000.

about us
I am a destination and travel wedding photographer based in New York City. The past three years I have been traveling and shooting alongside some of the best talent from Europe and North America. My style is influenced by the variety of styles I've seen worldwide and I am happy to call the New York area home. I live and photograph with my wife Jen and our daughter Ada. We're lovers of life and travelers at heart.

our approach / working with us
Evocative. Emotional. Honest. I will urge you to pause and recognize each other. To hold each other tightly in the way that you only know. To stop for a second and feel things, moments, emotions. To be present- it's the best any of us can ever do. I ask questions to understand you. I'll pause and put the camera down because I am thinking about how best to represent what is in front of us. I am a thinking man. I do this because it is the only way I know to create sincere and honest photography.

why we love weddings
I shoot for emotion. I care about the history that photographs would eventually tell. Weddings combine these two elements that I love. Let's connect- I'd be honored to be your photographer.

our travel policy
If you can get to your wedding location, I probably can too. For farther places, I'll need transport and a safe place to call it a night. There are two days when I stay grounded and at home- my wife's and daughter's birthdays. Otherwise my calendar is open and I jet lag well :) Let's do this!

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