Jose Melgarejo

Jose Melgarejo

location: New York Metro, Jersey City, NJ

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phone: 201 674-1254

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Local Elopements (New Jersey and New York City) start at $2,000. Unlimited consultations on your photographic vision for your wedding, full day coverage, high-resolution digital files and slideshow, printing rights and album options.

about us
Your wedding day will be a part of your family History, forever. Whether you marry at home or elope abroad on some remote and beautiful shore, this day is a turning point in your life. I refuse to capture it dryly or a la carte. Instead, I promise to tell a story. I've traveled enough to know that what one truly seeks is connection. Connection to the people we love in the places that mean something to us. There is story somewhere in these connections. This story is what I love to find. If you value emotion, diversity, family and love between all people. If you live life intensely and look fondly on fleeting moments. If you're the type to sift through old photos, letters and other nostalgia. If you like airports and zipping around countries not because of the final destination but because of the excitement of the journey for new ideas, perspectives and cultures. If you've ever traveled alone. If meeting new people and learning different languages excites you. Then we should talk. And I would love to photograph your wedding.

our approach / working with us
Evocative. Emotional. Honest. I will not make you do things that are not you. Running and jumping and swinging are fun and lovely- if they represent you truly. I will urge you to pause and recognize each other. To hold each other tightly in the way that you only know. To stop for a second and feel things, moments, emotions. To be present- it's the best any of us can ever do. I ask questions to understand you. I'll pause and put the camera down because I am thinking about how best to represent what is in front of us. I am a thinking man. I do this because it is the only way I know to create good and honest photography.

why we love weddings
Here's an interesting fact- I've shot hundreds upon hundreds of portraits and travel photos; and dozens upon dozens of rings and bouquets. But strangely enough, that's not the stuff that ends up on the wall. It's people that do. It's those random, wacky, off-the-cuff photos that we hang up and point at. Somehow, they make their way into our family albums and archives and find their way onto projector screens at graduations, birthday parties and weddings. They become the profile pics of our aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas the world around. And it's not because of their artistic value. These photos are why I shoot weddings. They are the real connections. The lovely and wacky moments. The messy stuff that makes up all the important things that matter. The times we would tell stories about to the people that we hold closest to our heart. I know this because they are the ones I have printed and framed. They're the ones I look at when I make phone calls home. They're the ones that make my heart warm.

our travel policy
If you can get to your wedding location, I probably can too. I'll need transport and a safe place to call it a night. There are two days when I stay grounded and at home- my wife's and daughter's birthdays. Otherwise my calendar is open. I jet lag well :) Let's do this!

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