Jenny Smith & Co.

location: Los Angeles, CA

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willing to travel: Yes

about us
We are JS&CO, a team of photographers who love dancing to Katy Perry, eating donuts (before donuts were cool), rooftop bars, Dodgers games, & Disneyland. We are down to earth, hilarious, unpretentious, and unassuming. We’ve been described as ninjas at weddings for our stealth moves! We crave the fleeting moments, the soft light, and the crazy awesome dance parties at weddings!

our approach / working with us
Photojournalism is a buzzword thrown around in wedding photography. But our entire team has been professionally trained as well as obtained degrees in photography with an emphasis on photojournalism. We are there to document it as it unfolds rather than orchestrate moments.

why we love weddings
We love the fashion, details, the light, guests laughing, the jitters, and the quiet moments. Weddings offer us an opportunity to be photographers in different genres: portraits, food, fashion, architecture, landscapes, etc. We love that it's a fast paced combination of it all, through a documentary eye.

our travel policy
Does anyone answer this question with a "No"? Everyone wants to travel, but we have been hired to go all over the world and we are always thrilled about it! Because we offer 100% dedication to your wedding weekend if you take the time to bring us with you! We've been to New Zealand, Switzerland, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and at least 15 states. We offer a simple package for international or US weddings to make budgeting easy for you. And we promise to offer you a sweet deal if you're country is one we've been DYING to shoot in!!

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