Jack Hoyle Photography

location: Ann Arbor. Worldwide. , MI

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phone: (734) 887-6171

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: My wedding packages start from $2600 and go up to $4000. For more detailed pricing send me an email and I'll send over my pricing guide.

about us
I’m a full-time photographer nestled deep in the woods of Southeast Michigan. I love to travel, eat good food, play with my cat, and listen to cricket on the radio (you can take the boy out of England…). I’m married to the kindest person I have ever met, Grace. My confidant, biggest fan and most honest critic. I have an accent, I try to find humor in every situation, love meeting new people, have untamable hair, am pretty tall and can't help but have a little boogy when the band gets going!

our approach / working with us
I love meeting new couples and building strong relationships with them. Connecting with the people I photograph is what makes me tick. I’m not going to put you in awkward positions, or make you do anything you don’t want to do. I’m going to capture you being you. Maybe shy to start with, or flirty, goofy and giggly, but what will be captured at the end of our time together is your honest, real, perhaps at times a little weird, but all the time loving connection to one another. I’ll get close to capture the most delicate of details. I’ll step back to see the bigger picture. I may even go high up into the sky. I’ll capture your day as it unfolds – excitement, nerves, joy, tears and laughter. I will create gorgeous images that portray the beauty and uniqueness of your day.

why we love weddings
As mentioned, I love meeting new people hearing tales of how couples became couples, sharing the excitement, capturing those deep belly laughs and if I'm going to be honest, crying along with you (it's true, every wedding without fail!). Oh, and the cake. I love wedding cake.

our travel policy
Absolutely 100% willing to travel. I love nothing more! My travel policy varies from place to place, but I keep the cost as reasonable as possible. Travel within 2 hours of Ann Arbor is free. For out of state weddings the cost of travel and anywhere between one to three nights accommodation is the norm.

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