Ellie Asher Photography

location: Portland, OR

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phone: (435) 830-8434

willing to travel: Yes

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about us
We are a pretty fantastic husband and wife team who capture emotive moments, with the kind of upfront direction that guides but does not smother. We take the kind of pictures we would want taken of us. Photos that show a couple at their best, that show quiet passion. Real moments and interactions all while wandering off on an adventure into the wilderness because its there and it's kinda definitely breathtaking.

our approach / working with us
Our Artistic style represents a spirit of depth and intimacy. While most people would call us "dark and moody" we really identify more with the feelings we portray, a quiet strength, stillness and a sense of effortlessness.

why we love weddings
If we were to explain the purpose of "The Ashers" as a company existing it would come down to fundamental beliefs about life and worth. We started working as wedding photographers because we wanted to be able to eat, pay rent and buy dog food. And we obviously enjoy it but why we enjoy it breaks down to two deeply felt beliefs. First being that life is beautiful. All the growth, mistakes and experiences we have throughout are achingly beautiful. Life is beautiful in this abstract sense but life and the world is also aesthetically gratifying in a very real way. There are so much allure and attractiveness to be found in the world and that’s exciting. The second fundamental reason for why we started this company is the belief that relationships matter. Who knows what might happen in the future but right now, right now you know who's right next to you. People matter. Choices matter. Being together matters. Photographs are just approximations of light and shadow, but it's what they can represent that makes them irreplaceable. That's why we love helping to create and capture them.

our travel policy
We have one standard travel rate that we apply to all weddings. This makes the process quick and easy for you and helps us simply take care of necessary expenses! Feel free to inquire for more!

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