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location: New York, NY

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about us
I approach wedding photography as a documentarian with a deep love of family and a great respect for ritual. With twelve years of wedding photography experience behind me, I've developed a sense for capturing the essence, rhythm and energy of each of wedding I photograph. My goal is to capture a wedding day as it naturally unfolds. To tell your story in pictures - no posing, no shot list. I'm fiercely dedicated to covering all the big moments and expressive details that punctuate the day, but for me, the magic and joy of photography has always been in the surprises. I revel in the unexpected, in the moments and gestures that happen organically, moments that can never be predicted, nor replicated.

our approach / working with us
My images are a blend of formal photographic training, an intrinsic interest in storytelling through photography and a love for classical, painterly compositions. My images speak not only to the details of the event, but to the sentiment woven throughout the day. I compose minimally orchestrated pictures that articulate the occasion with unobtrusive simplicity, while capturing the gravity of the moments and the larger meanings they represent. I feel the best pictures are achieved through making a genuine connection with my subjects and by being fully engaged in the magnitude of the day.

why we love weddings
Weddings are imbued with a magic that I'll never fully understand, but that I'll chase forever. I've seen inexplicable moments unfold before my camera. Rain dissipating at the exact time the ceremony begins, the sun emerging from a cloud just long to perfectly illuminate a scene, a bride bowing to her husband while the flowers behind her briefly make it appear she's sprouted wings. When a group of people come together for the purpose of celebrating love, their collective power is overwhelmingly beautiful and I somehow get to ride that wave of energy. I feel eternally humbled to be a part of the magic.

our travel policy
I've travelled as far as Sheffield, England, Mendocino, CA & Joshua Tree, CA. For weddings within a 3 hour drive of New York City, I charge a flat fee. For weddings worldwide, please ask for a custom quote.

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