GWS Preferred Wedding Artist Collection – FAQs

The Green Wedding Shoes Preferred Wedding Artist Collection was created for two reasons:

  1. To help couples find talented weddings artists capable of helping them realize their dream wedding
  2. To help talented wedding artists find creative and unique couples that will truly appreciate our wedding artist’s talent and allow them to produce weddings that are both fun to work on and a great addition to their professional portfolio

Each artist accepted is approved by Jen to ensure that our featured wedding artists offer the creativity + professionalism that GWS readers expect. Our list is the best of the best, so you don’t have to waste any extra time doing research. We know your time is valuable when planning your wedding! Our artists are a mix of well-respected artists in the industry and the best up-and-comers we are loving. If we were planning our wedding right now, these are the artists we would want planning our day :)

We very much value our readers’ feedback, so please leave a comment on your favorite wedding artist’s profile page or drop us an email to let us know about your experience working with the artists you found on GWS.

How can I get listed in the GWS Guide?
We are looking for artists with a true passion for creative and unique weddings while operating in a professional manner. Planning a wedding is hard enough for a couple, so they shouldn’t have to worry about the quality or professionalism of a partner. We also want to make sure you have the experience our couples can trust, so you should have at least 3 years of working experience in your field (working for another wedding business counts). We are looking for artists that share the same style + quality of work that we feature each day on GWS. If you’ve been featured a few times, there is a great chance you are a fit! If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form. Please note that there is a small yearly cost to be listed in our Guide.

Do I have to be listed in your Guide to have my work featured on GWS?
No! We share the weddings + events that we truly love for our blog features. Since our guide features so many talented artists, you’ll notice that we feature many of our members in posts, but we also feature many not yet featured in our guide. Placement in our guide does not have any influence when choosing our features.

Why do you call them artists and not vendors?
Because that’s what they are! To us, the term vendor sounds cold, like a company you’d hire to fix a printer. Our collection of wedding artists is a group of people and companies that you will WANT to hire once you learn a bit more about them. The artist we feature will inject your wedding with enthusiasm, creativity and personal touches that make it clear that they are in fact Artists. Whether you are looking for a photographer, florist, planner, videographer, chef, or venue etc, the featured companies and the people behind them will help deliver you your dream day!

We look forward to having you as a part of the Green Wedding Shoes family!

If you have any additional questions about the guide, please email jen {at}greenweddigshoes [dot] com.