Smog Shoppe Eco Chic Wedding: Stacey + Mike

Stacey + Mike are a couple who is truly in love and don’t want to spend a moment apart from one another. So sweet! :) They choose a green wedding venue (one of my faves, Smog Shoppe) and Stacey’s gorgeous dress was created by Deborah Lindquist whose motto is “eco meets couture.” Yep, she makes stunning eco-friendly wedding gowns! I’ve had the chance to see her dresses in person, and they really are pretty amaze. Stacey + Mike wanted to keep their wedding day simple, rustic + authentic. They actually just brought most of their wedding decor from their house! They love antiquing + finding old treasures and felt that would represent exactly how they wanted their guests to feel as well as them – like they were at home with family + friends. Thanks to Focus Photography for sharing the photos!

teal heels

bride putting on jewelry

botanical bouquet

mint jewelry

first look

succulent boutonniere

Amazing bouquet + bout from Holly Flora. Isn’t her necklace pretty rad also? Really makes a great statement.

smog shoppe wedding

smog shoppe wedding

Stacey + Mike didn’t have a bridal party and that gave them lots of time with their photographer to capture lots fun + artistic photos!

smog shoppe wedding

smog shoppe wedding

I walked down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major (When I was a little girl I always said that was the song I wanted to get married to…. although my taste in things have changed, that song will always hold a special child-like place in my heart.)

smog shoppe

The most memorable moment of our wedding was our vows. I really did wing it…that was the most nerve wrecking part of the whole thing for me, but I got up there and just poured my heart out. It came naturally. Mike was so surprised at my love promises that he was at a loss for words. He also said at the end when exchanging rings that “My ring will out last your ring … so BOOM!” Everyone laughed and cried all in the same moment. It was truly one of the honest, happiest moments I’ve ever had.

smog shoppe ceremony

smog shoppe

Caitlin (their photographer) shared this sweet moment with me, “One moment that really sticks out to me was when we were finishing up their photos. Stacey loved this awesome leather couch that was inside the Smog Shoppe and really wanted to take some photos with it. Well, at this point a lot of their guests had already arrived because it was about time for the ceremony to begin. When we started taking photos on the couch, Stacey could tell that Mike was a little bit nervous because everyone was staring at the two of them, so she said ‘Come on babe, it’s just me and you. It’s just me and you.’ which I thought was so sweet and adorable, and just telling of the relationship they had with one another. She also called Mike her “dream boat” during the vows. So cute!!

succulent planters

succulent centerpieces

succulent centerpieces

If you like their centerpieces, we shared a similar book planter with succulents DIY a few weeks ago.

succulent centerpieces

honeymoon notes

succulent cake

wedding inital

Any advice for those planning right now? My advice for anyone planning a wedding is to just go with the flow! I was very happy that I gave myself a whole year to plan and I did everything! My husband helped design the invitations and worked on ton of the art projects for the table settings.  He’s good at that stuff, but I planned and set up everything. I truly think that if you have that much time you can do things piece by piece without a lot of stress. And I really didn’t need a planner because in my career I’m a producer and these kinds of things come naturally. I do have one thing to tell those brides-to-be …. EAT AT YOUR WEDDING!!!! I’m really sad I didn’t eat any of the amazing food catered by Dave’s Catering & Event Planning. He did so much with the food, cake, drinks … he’s a gem. It’s such a whirlwind that day … just take it all in and enjoy every moment. Oh and don’t take the mic at the end when you’re tipsy … oh man … I loved that mic :) HA

I would also like to add that weddings are hectic … period. You go back and forth with your husband-to-be about things and sometimes things get stressful. Know that every bride goes through this and at the end when it’s all said and done, you just conquered the first step to a wonderful marriage and life with each other. 

Thanks so much you guys + congrats! We wish you both all the best. :)


photography: Focus Photography, Inc // venue name: Smog Shoppe // wedding dress: Deborah Lindquist // bride's shoes: Nordstrom // hair stylist: Megan Del Haro // makeup artist: Dani Maule // cake: Susina Bakery // caterer: Dave's Catering & Event Planning // floral designer: Holly Flora // necklace: BHLDN // photo booth: Usnaps