Sienna’s Nursery


I’m so excited to share Sienna’s sweet nursery with you all today! If you’ve been following our baby series for the past few months you probably remember the early inspiration board I created.  With this board, my goal was to create a pretty + girly, but not over the top girly, modern nursery with a touch of whimsy for our baby girl!

Since this is our first time designing a nursery, we brought in the experts to walk us through the process and share their expertise with us. We partnered with the amazing team at Serena & Lily to create a safe + functional room layout before we even considered the look. Once the layout was complete, Serena & Lily helped us furnish the room with key pieces that satisfy the needs of both us and Sienna. Then we worked with Crate&kids to help find the perfect pieces to add a touch of whimsy to Sienna’s room.

We learned a lot during the process + are thrilled with the results!  I hope you enjoy how it turned out as well and hopefully find some inspiration for your own little one’s room or maybe even your house!

Big thanks also to Kristin and Brandon Kidd for photographing our sweet family and the nursery! We had such a fun time with you two and just LOVE the photos you captured of this magical time…

nursery with mur decals

nursery with mur decals

Before I even added my first item to an inspiration board, I knew I wanted to have that back wall be an accent wall. While considering painting something interesting or using different types of wallpaper, I discovered MUR decals. I was sold!  I love the modern shapes and colors that allow you to create your own pattern or design. We used this wall to establish the palette for our room.  We placed large pink and gold triangles onto a white wall to create this pattern. Since the shapes are large, colorful and high contrast, it’s easy for a newborn to see as her eye sight develops.  Sienna LOVES staring at the pattern! MUR decals are pretty rad since they just peel off, so we can easily update that wall down the line if Sienna tires of it.


The Soho crib and mattress are both from Serena & Lily. I love how the crib is super modern with clean lines. Jason likes that the crib is super sturdy and the mattress is almost as thick as an adult’s mattress. The gold polka dot sheets add a fun pattern to the room. I’m excited for Sienna to get a bit bigger and play with her hello doll and giant bunny! :) We also love the sleep sheep which has a white noise feature for when Sienna sleeps. PLEASE NOTE – The toys in Sienna’s crib were placed in there ONLY for the photos. We learned during the process of planning our nursery that it’s important to keep your child’s crib free from any items that may present a hazard. Whenever Sienna is in the crib, we’re sure to keep it free from any other items.

triangle decal wall


GWS readers know how much I love photography, so it was a no brainer for us to include some great work in our nursery. I’ve been a huge fan of Sharon Montrose’s photographs for about a year now – especially her baby animals from The Animal Print Shop – and dreamt of hanging them in my baby’s room even before I was pregnant! This was one thing I knew I wanted for her room before I started designing it. :) The hard choice was deciding which four to feature! They’re all so cute!!

baby animal prints


I love this little be brave owl canvas by Kelli Murray so much!

modern hip baby girl nursery

The glider corner is one of my favorite spots in her room, as I’ve already spent a lot of time here! We picked out the Hayes glider and white Moroccan pouf from Serena & Lily. The glider is amazingly comfy and perfect in size for myself or Jason. The grey ombre blanket and head in the clouds pillow are both from are both from Crate&kids. The dip dyed stools are perfect for extra seating or a place to put my iPhone, water bottle, etc when I’m feeding Sienna. Oh, and that awesome rug? It’s also by Serena & Lily and is super soft. Love the additional pattern on the floor too!

dip dyed stools

cloud pillow




And my other favorite corner of her room! I painted the Dream Big canvas to match her room colors and found the little animals at Michael’s, then painted them gold. I love her first piggy bank – the Jonathan Adler Elephant (from Crate&kids, unfortunately they no longer carry it). Being a type fan, I love the giant metal S from Crate&kids and I painted her name on the wooden blocks. The animal bookends are another favorite detail and keep with the animal theme. :) I also found a bunch of cute books that I can’t wait to read to Sienna and received a few as gifts.


wood stick for hanging clothes

The hanging stick display! I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and wanted to incorporate it into Sienna’s room. This is a great way to display some of her dresses and outfits….they’re so tiny and too cute to not display! I found the stick during our first walk as a family of three. I sanded it and painted the ends white + coral with gold accents. I found the cute hangers on Amazon.


The storage bench is more extra seating (you’ll find that seating is very important once you start using your nursery) and storage for more of Sienna’s toys – and I just love those metallic bins! The large white basket is the perfect container for all of Sienna’s dirty clothes. The pillows (sparkle + gray) and cute raccoon add a fun touch of whimsy + sparkle.



fringe garland for baby's room

The dresser is the perfect size for all of Sienna’s clothes and blankets. The white changing pad + tray and diaper basket are both from Crate&kids. I love that her changing pad cover matches her crib sheets. :) Oh, and not super exciting, but we love our dekor diaper pail….we recommend considering it if you’re in the market for one.

I wanted something fun to hang above Sienna’s changing table, so I asked Jessica of EverlyLaneDesign to create a custom fringe garland with colors from her room. Just love it and Sienna loves staring at it while she is getting changed! :) And of course some cute shoes for Sienna once she gets a bit bigger!

fringe garland for baby's room



We painted her closet doors a bright coral pink and hung one of my favorite decals from Shanna Murray on the left side. I smile whenever I read it. :) The two cute prints are also by Kelli Murray (yep, just adore her work also!) and the baby deer clock is so cute and goes with my baby animal theme.

deer clock

lamb rocker

How cute is her sheep rocker?!! Can’t wait until she is bigger and can play on it.


cute crib with gold sheets


Her cute heart outfit? It was the very first thing we bought for her when we found out we were having a baby girl! :)




We just love spending time in her room with her – can’t wait to make even more memories with her in there! Thanks so much again to Serena & Lily and Crate&kids for partnering with us on this very special project. We had great experiences with both stores and I can’t recommend both more highly. Big thanks also to Brandon Kidd Photography for the photos.