Shop FAQ

1. When I click the BUY button, why am I directed to another site?

When you select to purchase a product from the GWS Shop, we direct you to one of our parter retailers to complete the transaction.  You’re not actually buying your product from GWS, unless otherwise stated on the product page.

2. How does GWS make money from The GWS Shop?

GWS receives a referral fee from our partners when products are purchased by GWS readers. So, if you make a purchase, please use our links listed in our Shop, this helps keep the shop running + allows us to spend more time finding great products and curation collections for you!

3. I have a question about or need assistance with product I purchased that I found in The GWS Shop. Who should I contact?

Upon completing each purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from the retailer handling your transaction. This email will contain your order tracking number, shipping, delivery status and contact info for any questions or assistance for this order.  As such, please be sure to properly enter your correct email address when making any purchase + save your confirmation email until your order is delivered in full.

4. Why are some items out of stock when I click through?

Fashion is always changing and products are not available forever.  We’ll do our best to remove any products that are out of stock, but from time to time you may find that an item you found is no longer available for sale by one of our partners.  If this happens, please let us know and we’ll remove the item from our Shop and replace it with an item that we think you’ll love just as much!

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Happy Shopping!