Real Wedding: Summer + Daniel’s Romantic Barn Wedding

I love when readers share their photos + stories on Green Wedding Shoes and I’m so excited to share Summer + Daniel’s day with you guys! Summer even found her amazing photographer, Clayton Austin, here on Green Wedding Shoes – so happy you guys found each other because he captured your day beautifully. Just wait until you see their ceremony! Such a stunning location and my favorite part is that they played a song together during the ceremony – what an incredible moment! Thanks Summer for taking the time to share a bit into your day with us :)

For our wedding style we wanted to go with an Anthropologie feel. With a rustic backdrop, vintage accents and charm. I wanted it to remind me of my mom’s livingroom (which is filled with antiques – i went shopping in her house for embellishments). And lastly, the feel of an old romantic novel.

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Most memorable moment of your wedding day?
There are two; First, walking down the aisle (with Cat Stevens “Don’t Be Shy” playing), and seeing Daniel…. He looked beautiful, and everyone around me looked emotional and I could hardly keep it together. I was tearing up and shaking. The barn, the lighting, and the warmth of the sun behind me, made the moment surreal and magical… No words can really describe it except that it felt right. After all these years, Daniel and I really did it right…

barn wedding lights

Second, playing our song in front of everyone. We had thought of the idea a month prior to the wedding…. I wasn’t sure it would be possible to get a piano rented and delivered to the barn. We quickly had to learn the song (off you tube – no sheet music) and when it came to sitting down in front of everyone and playing what we had created, it felt amazing! It was truly a poweful moment in my life, and our life together.

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Our Advice To Those Planning Now

Try to delegate tasks to those around you. I am a control freak and really stressed myself out through the process. I was stuck on achieving perfection, and i was working hard up until the last Minute. It’s best to let go, and take it in stride. In the end, everything didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped and planned, but it didn’t matter. The people and all of the special moments, prevailed.

And seize the day! Everyone kept telling me it was going to fly by so enjoy it. This bothered me so I really tried to appreciate every moment and detail (after all I had been planning this thing for a year). I took a moment to check out the end results, admire the cake, look at each decoration, bask in the people and the mood. And I have to tell you – I can remember everything and it was an incredibly special day for me!!

Thanks so much Summer + Daniel for sharing your beautiful day with us. Best wishes to you both! And thanks again to the talented Clayton Austin for capturing their day so romantically. You can see more from their day here on Clayton’s blog.

Thanks so much Summer + Daniel for sharing your beautiful day with us. Best wishes to you both! And thanks again to the talented Clayton Austin for capturing their day so romantically. You can see more from their day here on Clayton’s blog.

Venue: Santa Margarita Ranch
Photography: Clayton Austin
Wedding Dress: La Sposa
Hair and Makeup: Melanie Mulvaney with Bladerunner Salon
Bridesmaid Dress: Anthropologie
Groom Suit: Friars Tux
Event Planner: Amy Northcote with Fancy’s Event Services
Floral Design: Lori Boe Floral Design
Cake: The Cakery
Music: Phase One Mobile DJ
Catering: Phoenix Fine Catering