Our Favorite Unique Engagement Rings

unique engagement rings

Simply put, we couldn’t think of a better way to start off a Wednesday morning than with a little sparkle which translates into lots of eye candy! We love that there are so many amazing options out there for brides-to-be who want a unique + out-of-the-box engagement ring. Gone are the days when your sparkly bauble needs to look almost identical to everyone else’s. So, we’ve rounded up our current fave unique engagement rings – think ultra unique shapes, modern cuts + tons of character – and we’re sharing the sources for where to find these beauties!

But before we do, we have a bit of married gal advice to share. Because once something so precious has found a permanent home on your left ring finger, you’ll want to ensure it stays safe + sound for the long haul. The best way to do just that is with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, an insurance company that exclusively insures jewelry + is set up with a policy that is built around the way you live your life – that means Worldwide travel coverage, flexibility to work with your own jeweler, optional $0 deductible + coverage for loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. That’s right, they’ve thought of every way possible to make sure the last thing you ever worry about is wearing your new ring with anything but confidence.

Engagement Rings Above: 1. Vintage Rose Gold Tiara Engagement Ring // 2. Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring // 3. Hazeline Solitaire Engagement Ring // 4. Emerald Cut White Diamond Engagement Ring // 5. Katie Diamond Val Engagement Ring // 6. Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Engagement Ring // 7. Triple-Diamond Engagement Ring // 8. Tanya Conflict-Free Engagement Ring // 9. Katie Diamond Leighton Engagement Ring // 10. Sensu Fan Engagement Ring

unique engagement rings

unique engagement rings

11. Hazeline Solitaire Rose Gold Gemstone Engagement Ring // 12. Quince Halo Engagement Ring // 13. Seagrass Engagement Ring with Rosecut Diamond // 14. Marquise Bea White Diamond Engagement Ring // 15. Gray Diamond Shield Engagement Ring // 16. Bea Emerald Engagement Ring // 17. Bea Three Stone Engagement Ring // 18. Champagne Diamond Twig and Daisies Engagement Ring // 19.  Hexagon Diamond Engagement Ring // 20. Grace by Claire Pettibone Engagement Ring // 21. Hand Carved Gray Round Rose Cut Engagement Ring // 22. Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring // 23. Champagne Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring // 24. Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring // 25. Elaina Rough Cut White Diamond Engagement Ring

Wouldn’t you agree that with a ring as stunning as any of these, no chances should be taken when it comes to its safety? Brides, make sure you insure your jewelry for all its worth with a comprehensive insurance policy from the experts at Jewelers Mutual ®. Now, we just have to know: which of these unique rings was your personal fave? Be sure to share with us in the comments section!

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