Our Favorite First Look Moments

favorite first look moments

First Looks are such a fun (and often emotional!) moment on the wedding day, and usually become one of the most memorable recollections of the entire wedding experience for couples. With so much sweet anticipation – and, of course, lots of cute candid captures by your photographer – you’ll want to look your best, so today we’re sharing our favorite smile-filled First Look moments + sharing how you can get the perfect, bright smile for your day with Philips Zoom!

The reason we love Philips Zoom so much is because all of its whitening options are professional, meaning brides (and grooms!) can be assured they’re brightening their smiles using only the most safe and effective treatments. And there’s an option for everyone: You can get a Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment in one 45-minute appointment at the dentist (it can whiten teeth up to eight shades!), or get Philips Zoom Take-Home trays from a dentist for at-home application. You can even add a Philips Zoom QuickPro treatment (which can whiten teeth up to four shades in just a few minutes!) onto a regular dental check-up :) Let’s take a look at our fave First Look moments, which inspired our search for a brighter, more beautiful smile, below…

{top photo by Lauren Fair Photography as seen in this Colorful Fiesta-inspired Wedding


photos by Logan Cole Photography from this Laid-Back French Chateau Wedding.


photos by Benj Haisch from this Pop Up Washington Campsite Wedding.


photos by Love is a Big Deal from this Romantic California Barn Wedding.


photos by Teale Photography from this DIY Nashville Wedding with Aussie Flair.


photos by Caroline Frost Photography from this Midsummer Nights Dream-Inspired Wedding.


photos by Benj Haisch from this Stylish Washington Loft Wedding.


photos by Love Is a Big Deal from this Nature-Inspired Austin Ranch Wedding.


photo by Alixann Photography from this Rustic Bohemian Wedding in the Redwood Forest.


photos by Studio Castillero from this Intimate Ensenada, Mexico Camp Wedding.

Weren’t those all so sweet?! We love how each couple has their own, individual ways of interacting, making each First Look moment so sweetly unique!

If you’re considering Philips Zoom to brighten your smile for the big day, we encourage you to check out Philips Zoom’s Find a Dentist Tool to locate a dentist in your area.

Here’s to sweet smiles + fun first looks!

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