Wedding Trend: Non-matching Bridesmaids Dresses

One of my favorite things about the wedding I posted yesterday (besides the stunning photography!) was the non-matching bridesmaids dresses. I just love this idea and think it brings a great modern feel into the wedding.

non-matching bridesmaids dresses

{j crew, aaron delesie, the image is found, sugarlove weddings via bespoke press }

When Jenna Bush got married, she wanted her bridesmaids to wear the colors of wildflowers. She had the dresses custom made by Lela Rose, but you can easily pick an idea like this and create it for your wedding. Jenna chose wildflowers, you could pick the sunset, the beach, citrus fruits, the ideas are endless, to create a beautiful color palette.

Jenna Bush bridesmaid dresses

There are lots of ways you can pick dresses for your girls today. From picking one color and having the girls pick their favorite style – this works great with j crew dresses – to selecting a theme, to even going to your local paint store, picking some paint chips and mailing the girls the color palette they should stay in. I’ve created a few sample palettes to show you how easy this can be.

Here is a great palette in daffodil yellow.

yellow bridesmaids dresses

{dresses: Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique from Nordstrom, Anthropologie, J Crew, Anthropologie}

A simple gray palette. Gray is a great dress color you know they will wear again and gives you the chance to really have fun with their bouquets – a bright pink peony? yellow tulips? green button mums? so fun.

gray bridesmaids dresses

{All dresses from J Crew, except second from the left – Anthropologie}

Maybe you want the Maid of Honor to really stand out. This cute dress from J Crew would be perfect for her, then the other bridesmaids could pick either the light or dark pink – lovely!

pink bridesmaids dresses

A romantic vintage wedding? What about this collection? You could even pick the dresses ahead of time and let each girl pick which one she wanted – or really leave it up to them and show them a sample palette.

romantic bridesmaids dresses

{Dresses: Anthropologie, ModCloth, Anthropologie, ModCloth, Anthropologie}

I definitely love this idea. It’s much more likely your bridesmaids will pick a dress they will wear again. Some of my favorite places for bridesmaids dresses (and rehearsal dresses and engagement session dresses) include: J Crew, Anthropologie, ModCloth, Nordstrom’s, Simple Silhouettes, Max Studio, and Thread. Anyone planning on giving your girls a palette and having them pick their own dresses? Where are you getting your dresses from?