My trip to see the BHLDN Wedding Brand – Part 1

A few days ago I got the most amazing invite: an invitation to go to Philadelphia and see the brand new wedding shop from one of my most favorite stores, Anthropologie. I’ve been dying to see what they’ve been working on ever since I first found out about the concept early last year. Since a few of you have asked, BHLDN is pronounced “Beholden,” and is inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep.” Absolutely love that. BHLDN will be available online starting Monday, February 14th – how appropriate! :)

Yesterday morning a group of the most fabulous bloggers were invited for a tour of the Urban Outfitters campus where we got a chance to see where the designers for some of my favorite stores work (for those of you that don’t know, the campus consists of Urban OutfittersAnthropologieFree People, TerrainLeifsdottir and BHLDN). Their creative spaces were like a dream! So inspiring. :) Then we were off to see what we all were dying to see – the BHLDN collection. BHLDN will sell dresses, shoes, and accessories online – with more decorations for your reception and ceremony coming later this year. We were first shown a fashion show with some of their wedding dress and here is what we saw …

bhldn logo

ruffled wedding dress

bhldn wedding dress ruffles

The first dress we saw was stunning! Hundreds of pleats – swoon! And then, the dress below was one of my absolute favorites – so pretty + romantic + whimsical – all my favorites. She is also wearing a hairpiece from Jennifer Behr. All the jewelry, hair pieces and shoes on the models BHLDN will carry also. The dress below is called Ribbon Silk and will cost $1600. The wedding dresses will range in cost from $1000 – $4000 and the bridesmaids dresses will cost $200-600.

ribbon silk wedding dress

And how fun are these two? Love the print on the left and the details on the dress on the right. And the hairpieces – so so fun!

vintage inspired wedding dresses bhldn

wedding dress details bhldn

bhldn wedding dress bohemian

The dress above had some really great movement and speaking of movement, they will have videos of all the dresses on their website. Such a great idea since the dresses will only be available online for the time being (they do plan on opening a store, but it won’t be till later this year and the location is still undecided).

And the dress below, another of my favorites! It is called Floral Artwork and has all these fabric flowers hidden under the top layer for the bottom part of the dress. The belt is an addition you could add on or where without – absolutely love the belt with it, but you could switch up a different belt to really make the dress unique and your own style.

floral artwork dress

butterfly wedding dress

And how fun is the butterfly dress above? All the butterflies are hand cut and sewn on one at a time – magical!

Some important faq’s to know about BHLDN:

• All items will be available in the shop for delivery right away – no waiting 6 months for your wedding or bridesmaids dresses

• All the dresses have the same sizing as Anthropologie clothes – although BHLDN is a totally separate store – so you won’t have to jump up 4 sizes for your wedding dress and this makes it easier since you are buying online – and they offer easy returns if you change your mind or it doesn’t fit right.

• All the dresses were designed to be easy for alterations so you could take it to your local tailer and they would be able to alter it easily.

And some photos from BHLDN of the dresses!

bhldn wedding dress short

Kind of really love both those short dresses above! And check out all those cute shoes!! They have so many great shoes you guys!! I have 4 pairs on my wish list already! :)

wedding dress with black bow

Those two above are my favorite long dresses :)

wedding dress pleats

vintage wedding dresses short

short wedding dresses

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak so far! I had so many photos, I have another post coming up later today with more photos of the shoes (yay!), accessories and decorations we saw there plus a few more details about BHLDN. I’d love to hear what you guys think of the collection so far, do you have a favorite dress?