Glitter Rainbow Wedding: Mary + Marten

heart balloons

I’m always a fan of glitter and bright colors, so naturally as soon as I saw this wedding, I fell in love with it! Such a fun + totally unique wedding! A bit about the day from Mary:

Marten and I are nuts. So naturally, our wedding had to be. I’ve never liked the idea of picking two colors for an entire wedding, I like ALL the colors. So we picked patterns or themes rather than colors, such as “glitter” and “rainbow.” Marten is actually a pastor, but a very untraditional one. He loves Jesus, but also loves a margarita at dinner. Loves to go on mission trips in foreign countries, but also loves to hang out on Sixth Street (the party scene in Austin) loving on people. It was very important to us that the wedding reflected absolute freedom and outside the box thinking for a “Christian” couple. We had the traditional vows for the ceremony, but then a legit “rave” for the reception. Who says Christians can’t have fun?! Jesus is the ultimate glorious party! We also had lots of goofy programs with a “rainbow Jesus” on it saying things related to partying and in-general, freedom that I made.

So fun Mary + Marten! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us and big thanks to Clayton Austin for letting me share his gorgeous photos today!!


lace dress

bridesmaids in tights

red heart balloon


animal mask

striped socks

first look

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

I'm a wedding photographer myself and have seen many brides go through the whole day as if it were any other day. My prayer for the day was that I would actually feel it. And OOOOh my, I did. Right before the first look, I heard Marten talking to Clayton, and it hit me. I sunk to my knees and began crying, hyperventilating, laughing, all of the above. The weight of what was about to happen fell on me, and it was as if a very physical change was occurring in my spirit. I was about to become ONE with Marten...his wife. I saw myself cooking pancakes and playing with our future kids and house training puppies and oh God. I felt it. I calmly cried, smiling, happily crying repeating "I'm going to be his wife, I'm going to be his wife..." My bridesmaids sweetly sunk to their knees as well, and began praying over me, wiping my tears away. OH GOD. I just love them.

bride and groom




red heart invitation

Our Musical Choices

Processional: Better Than I Thought – Mitch Neal

Recessional: Heartstrings – Benjamin Dunn

First Dance: Closer – Bethel Live




gold glitter boots

bride and groom

bride and groom

rainbow jesus

ribbon canopy

rainbow centerpiece

red heart

rainbow backdrop

glitter and gold

Married life rocks! Don’t accept normalcy, try to be a hot wife not only for the wedding but your whole life, and have FUN! Hire a wedding planner/coordinator/designer. I was VERY organized, had a 13 page “manual” of how to set up the wedding, and an incredible amount of friends and family who made the wedding go perfectly. BUT, sometimes I felt more like a coordinator and less like a bride.

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

If you have a poofy dress and plan on dancing at your reception, do yourself a favor and buy a smaller party dress for the reception. My dress got torn to shreds on the inside from being stepped on so much (after bustling, mind you), and I couldn't even dance for the better part of the reception because I could not FIT on the dance floor. Luckily we got married, like, two miles from home and my bridesmaids went and got me a dress. Which was fun because I got to look like a "hot wife" and surprise Marten with a sexy little black dress! :)

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photography: Clayton Austin // venue name: Mercury Hall, Austin, Texas // event design: Glitter & Graphite Studios // wedding dress: Provinas (brand) from Serendipity Bridal // hairpiece: handmade veil by the bride // bride's shoes: Old boots I dipped in sprinkles and glitter // hair stylist: the AMAZING Suzannah Haver (family friend) // makeup artist: the AMAZING Suzannah Haver (family friend) // groom attire: Brooks Brothers // paper goods: Glitter & Graphite Studios // catering: Sams Club and Chik Fil A // cake: Hill Country Cakery // floral design: My Aunt Sherry // invitations: Glitter & Graphite Studios