Found! Green Satin Shoes (and lots more colors)

I get lots of emails asking about my green shoes in the pic on the right side. (For those who want to know, they are BP brand, bought in spring 2008, and unfortunately are not sold anymore.) But – I think I’ve found an option for those of you looking for green satin shoes. I recently discovered that Nina Shoes now allows you to customize your shoe! At this time they have 3 styles with different heel heights to pick for each style – and then you can select from over 20 different satin colors. The best part? For those of you looking for an apple green satin shoe – they have one! Check it out below. The custom shoes cost around $199 and they have free shipping. I love that you can select a different color for the bow, heel, and upper color. You can also order a swatch book so you can find an exact match.

nina shoes