DIY: Yarn Garland

yarn garland diy

Hopefully, you saw the gorgeous winter wedding inspiration we shared this morning. I fell in love with the beautiful yarn garlands and asked our DIY contributors, Jessica + Garett over at Wednesday to share how they created these lovely garlands. Perfect for a dessert bar (or breakfast bar as seen in the winter shoot) or they can decorate the backs of chairs for a wedding. Yarn garland is so easy and works as well for a wedding as it does for decking the halls this holiday season. :)

Supplies for Yarn Garland:
• a friend
• a few balls of yarn
• scissors

yarn garland diy

How to:

Step 1. Stand 5 feet away from your friend with the yarn ball in hand, and hold on tight to the end strand of the yarn. Toss the yarn to your friend and pull both your ends so the length between you is taut. Have your friend hold on to their end and throw the ball back to you. Repeat these steps until you have10-20 tight strands between the two of you. Cut the end of your yarn to cut it away from the yarn ball.

Step 2. Still holding the string tight between the two of you, both of you should begin twisting the string in opposite directions until it is twisted tight. Be sure to not let go of your ends.

yarn garland diy

Walk towards one another, so that the two ends of yarn meet in the middle. They naturally will twist in the middle to create a neat braided look. Take a small piece of yarn and tie a tight knot around the combined ends so the twisting doesn’t come undone.

Make more of these in varying colors, widths and lengths and drape them on tables, behind chairs, around your Christmas tree and across your fireplace mantle.

yarn garland dessert table diy

Such a simple and beautiful way to add colors and texture into a dessert bar, backdrop, mantle or whatever you dream up!

DIY created by Wednesday exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes