DIY: Straw Backdrop

DIY Straw Backdrop

This weeks DIY includes a rad new way to use straws that is perfect for wedding decor or a photo booth backdrop! Our newest DIY contributor The Confetti Committee crafted up this colorful straw backdrop above and is sharing how to make it! The use of straws gives off a fun drapery effect and I think any other color combos in your wedding would make for a sweet piece. Let’s see how to make the backdrop…


What You’ll Need:
• String
• Plastic straws
• Spray paint (we like to buy graffiti spray paints because they have the best color selection)
• Large needle (embroidery needles work great!)
• Scissors
• Command Hooks or clear tacks
• Clips (optional)


Step 1: Cut your straws in half. You will need approximately 1500 cut straws to make a photo booth-sized backdrop.

Step 2: Thread your needle to a 9-10 foot long piece of string.

Step 3: Attach the other end of the string to a clothes hanger by using the mini clips or simply tying the string on.


Step 4: Thread the string through the cut straws, just like you did with macaroni when you were a kid. Continue stringing until you have about a hundred strands.


Step 5:  Spray paint the strands in whatever colors you choose.

Step 6: Place you hooks or tacks on a wall. We placed ours in two vertical columns that were spaced 8 feet apart. Each column consisted of 4-5 hooks spaced 12 inches apart.


Step 7: Gather a bunch of strands and tie them together at one end.

Step 8: Hang the gathered bunch on a hook.


Step 9: Swag the strands across and hang on another hook, swagging and hanging back and forth until the entire bunch is hung. Repeat this step with each color.


That’s it! Pretty simple to make such a statement piece! And thinking with lots of straws this would look so super rad!! If you make one of our DIY projects, be sure to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY – we love seeing how your projects turn out! :)

DIY created by The Confetti Committee exclusively for GWS. See more of their work here