DIY: Pinwheel Table Runner


If you loved all the great paper elements from the wedding we shared this morning, I think you might also fall in love this fun cascading pinwheel table runner DIY our sweet friends Jessica + Garett at Wednesday put together for us! If you are looking for an alternative to flowers on your tables, I think this would be a great idea – and you can of course pick colors that match your wedding design. I could also see this as a great backdrop for your ceremony if it’s in indoors – just have all the pinwheels hang on the wall! Super dramatic :)


  • 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Cardstock
  • Hot glue gun and sticks


Step One: Fold a piece of paper like an accordion. Your folds should be the length of the 8.5 in side. Sometimes I like to cheat and fold 2 at a time to speed the process along.


Step Two: For a medium sized pinwheel cut your piece of paper in half, and you will need four halfs.


Step Three: I like to make the ends of my pinwheels a little more polished, so I curved the edges of one side. You can also use a hole punch to punch each of the folds, and it gives a little more character to the look of the pinwheel.

Step Four: Take double sided tape and stick each of the ends together until you’ve made a full pinwheel circle.


Step Five: Cut a circle shape out of the card stock. To help the pinwheel keep it’s shape, use the circle as support on the back of the pinwheel. Use hot glue to hold it in place.


Step Six: Once you have a hearty collection of pinwheels, you can start organizing them on your table. We wanted to go for a more asymmetrical look on our table. We hot glued each of our pinwheels together to keep the shape we wanted. To create the cascade look we also hot glued the falling pinwheel to the ones on the table.

DIY cascading pinwheel table runner

Just love the playfulness mixed with the over-dramatic of this table runner!!

DIY pinwheels

DIY created by Wednesday exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes