DIY Paper Flower

DIY paper flower poms

Today I’m excited to share my fun paper flowers I created for the hitched event! They are really easy to make and lots of variations you can do with them to customize them for your day or event.

paper flowers with sewing patterns

paper supplies

These are the basic things you will need to make the coffee filter flowers:

1. Coffee Filters
2. Multi-Blade Shredding Scissors – you can buy them online here (if you don’t own these, you will find they are so useful for lots of things!)
3. Scotch Tape
4. I used paper covered wire I bought at Michaels, you can also use thin wood sticks
5. Sewing Pattern Paper

coffee filter flowers

First, take 2 coffee filers and fold them in half. Then cut the petals like this picture – 3 per side. Cut a small cross in the center (this will be to go through the stem/stick). When you open the petals, they should look like the botom photos. You can then round the petals more if you like.


Next, cut a piece of the sewing paper 12″ x 16″ sized. Fold it as an accordion long ways with the fold 2″ wide.

sewing patterns

Now it’s time to use the scissors! Start cutting on the side with the most folds (one side should have 3 folds, that is the side I recommend cutting on). After the side has the cuts, time to wrap it around your stick like below. Keep wrapping until it is all around the stick. Secure the paper with some scotch tape.

paper poms

Then you will take your coffee filter and one at a time, slide them up the stick and tape them to the bottom of the pom. And that’s it! Super easy. You can vary the size of the pom to give some variety to the flowers (you can do this by using a 6″ x 16″ paper or some other size paper – have fun with it!).

sewing paper flowers

sewing paper coffee filter flowers

I wanted to show easy ways you could take this idea and mix it up. For these below I did the first pom in one color of tissue paper, then took another color and wrapped it around the first pom. The bottles are Starbucks Frappacino bottles! I took off the labels and spray painted them gold – they have 2 different sizes also to give some variety.

tissue paper poms

And these flowers were created from magazine pages! I used a Bloomingdale’s catalog and a Victoria’s Secret catalog. I love all the fun colors – kind of a surprise how they will turn out color wise – and the paper is free! :) They were placed in mason jars and I wrapped some pretty fabric around the jars tied in a loose knot.

magazine flowers

magazine flowers

I love these ideas and hope you do also. So easy, inexpensive + customizable – perfect! There are so many different types of paper you could use to give it your own look or fit in with your colors. Happy Crafting!