DIY: Love Hanger

DIY Love Hanger

Today’s fun DIY is crafted up by BerinMade Illustrated Paper Goods. This typographic hanger is for all type lovers out there! Deceptively simple to make, it is also super versatile and photographs like a dream! You could make one for your wedding dress or perhaps one for each bridesmaids with their names on it. Once you master how to make the glitter letters, you can attach it to your hangers, chairs, and keep it after your wedding day on your mantelpiece. So, onward!

Step1 DIY hanger

Here’s what you’ll need:
• Your favorite word – drawn or typed – and printed out
• A4 Sized 3mm Foam Board
• Resealable Spraying Glue
• Spray Mount
• Stanley Knife (with a very sharp blade)
• Hanger and thin ribbon in matching colour
• Cocktail Sticks
• Copious amounts of glitter!

Step2 DIY hanger

Step 1. Start by making your word. Mine is hand-drawn, hand-traced and printed out, but you can also use your favorite font, type it out and enlarge it to fit snugly onto an A4 page. Make sure that the type you use has a reasonable thickness to any swirls or flourishes, or else when you cut your foam lettersout later, your word will become extremely fragile. When you have your word on a page, turn it around and spray with resealable glue on the back. You need resealable glue because later, you will need to peel off this piece of paper.

Step3 DIY hanger

Step 2. It will not be possible to cut all the way through the foam board on your first try, but with a sharpstanley knife, trace out the word through the paper about halfway through the thickness of theboard, taking care around the corners. Continue until your whole word is marked onto the board.

Step4 DIY hanger

Continue to cut through the indent you have made, this time all the way through the thickness ofthe board, taking care around the delicate areas and sharp angles.

Step5 DIY hanger

Carefully trace, turn the board around to see the reverse is cut through completely, then carefully punch out the letters one by one, detaching any remaining connecting bits with your knife.

Step6 DIY hanger

Ta-daaa! Now that the letters are punched out, carefully clean up around the edges of the letters. We are covering it with glitter, so a slight rough edge will not matter too much. If necessary, connect your word together by using a cocktail stick, through the board (like above). Once you have your spacing right, cut out the excess ends.

Now spray with ample Spray Mount, cover with glitter, and spray over the glitter again. Allow to dry overnight before attaching it to your hanger with matching ribbon!

Wedding Dress Hanger


And here is a fun alternative using this idea for a table piece centerpiece with Seven spelled out – so cute! (also by BerlinMade, photo below by Green Photogenic)

Seven centerpiece sign

DIY created exclusively for GWS by BerinMade Illustrated Paper Goods. All photographs courtesy of Claudia Rose Carter Photography