DIY: Doily Confetti Bags


I love today’s fun DIY submitted by Erin of BerinMade. This little goodie bag showcases whatever’s inside! The best thing about them is that they are so easy to make (it took Erin 5 minutes to make 20) and it’s only made up of two components! So, let’s get started on making a few of these lovely confetti bags!



Here is what you’ll need: 
1. Scissors
2. Paintbrush
3. Watercolors or gouache
4. Oil Pastels
5. Glue Stick
6. Doilies (about 4 1/2 inches in diameter)
7. Paper CD cases with clear windows


Step One: Start by prepping all your bags by coloring in your CD cases. I did a stripey design with oil pastels in peaches and pinks, then did a quick watercolor wash of a peachy tint on top. This is the fun part where you’ll get to experiment with colors, matching it with what’s going to go inside!


Step Two: While you wait for your bags to dry, take your doillies (2 or 3 at the same time if you want to save time), and cut the solid circle part out, leaving the beautiful rim.


Step Three: Now just paste the doily frame onto your CD case, fill your bags with confetti, and seal shut! Easy peasy!


You can also customize this, and make this truly your own by experimenting with different wrappings and materials. I made an alternative version with kraft paper, in which I cut a circle, stuck some cellophane to cover the hole on the inside, then decorated with a doily rim on the outside! Voila!


DIY created exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes by BerinMade. Grassy photos by Claudia Rose Carter.