Create Your Dream Wedding Registry with Zola


Leading up to your wedding day there are so many things to think about, right? We don’t need to list them off, you already know… Well, Zola is here to cut down on the hassle + ease things for you!! After all, registering for wedding gifts should be one of the most fun + stress-free parts! Zola Wedding Registry has done all the hard work for you — they’ve researched the bed linens, found the pots + pans, the vacuum you absolutely need, and more. All you have to do is select the items and you’re done — easy as that! Couples can customize their collections with notes, images, and a welcome message so their registry truly feels like them. 

If you find yourself asking, but what about the other stuff — things that can’t be put on a registry? Well, Zola doesn’t want to deny couples of what they need! They can register for anything, from a new set of sheets, to a monthly wine subscription, a fund for their honeymoon, or even all of the above. Concerned about putting bigger-ticket items on the list? No worries, multiple friends can contribute to any item marked Group Gifting!

We’re pretty sure that you’ll find Zola to be the perfect place to create a fun + stress-free registry… I mean it’s all in ONE PLACE.  Let’s learn a bit more about why it’s truly the smartest wedding registry out there. :)


With over 450+ brands,  such as KitchenAid, Parachute, Dyson, Tumi and SoulCycle, you can seriously find everything on Zola. Creating your dream kitchen with copper and rose gold accents? Yup, they’ve got that!


We’d definitely add a few of those items to our registry…


Personalized with your pictures + a sweet message, your friends + family (especially those distant relatives that you don’t see very often) can really get the feel of who you two are as a couple. And for the couple on the go Zola has the highest rated Registry app for the iPhone, iPad + Apple Watch. So you can register anytime, anywhere!


A few of our *FAVORITE* things about Zola?

1. One Registry: From gifts, to experiences (think cooking classes, weekend getaways, photography trips) and cash funds, Zola makes it easy for the Bride + Groom to have everything on one registry. Don’t stress over your list or try to calculate/figure out which list to send to each person… Or forget what you put on another registry! Zola’s got you covered. 

2. Consider Your Personal Style: By adding photos and commentary to your registry, you can truly make it feel like you two as a couple. Have your registry reflect your vibe + your life. Want to see a few examples of what we’re talking about? Here are some registries we love

3. Group Gifting: Gone are the days of fretting over if an item is too much or will make you feel bad for putting it on your registry. You can mark an item (or items) for group gifting, so multiple members of your family + friend circle can contribute however much they wish to on your splurge worthy items!


In the process of moving into a new place or maybe you don’t love the item? Couples can choose to ship their gifts now, later, or digitally exchange for something they’ll love even more! THANK YOU, convenience!! That’s one less thing to worry about – making sure the items are delivered in time to pack them, then storing them in a box and labeling it, only to forget which box they were placed in later… All about the ship later + digitally exchange option!

After all, a house isn’t a home until you can really relax into a room and love the space you’re in. Right?


From tangible items necessary to fill a household, to experiences that you’ll never forget Zola makes it possible for all your friends + family to get you two started on your newlywed lifestyle! 

Oh and guess what? Zola is offering $50 of Zola credit when you set up your wedding registry on, and receive $500 in Zola gifts!* Cool, right?

Happy registering, everyone!!

*You will receive $50 to spend on when you set up your wedding registry on, and receive $500 in Zola gifts. Zola gifts will be defined as any physical products purchased on Cash funds or third party gifts from other websites are not considered Zola gifts. The $50 Zola credit can only be redeemed for Zola gifts and cannot be redeemed for cash, cash funds or third party gifts. Credits will be placed into the couple’s Zola account 4 weeks after a couple receives $500 in Zola gifts.

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