An Up Inspired Wedding: Katie + Zack

Today I have a super sweet proposal + wedding inspired by the movie UP. Katie + Zack love to have fun and enjoy spending lots of time with their family and friends. Zack proposed to Katie with the theme of the movie UP in mind, because he knew Katie finds little old men to be the cutest thing in the world and that bright festive balloons make any day happier. Their proposal was captured by Paperback Weddings and is just the sweetest!! Oh, the old man in the engagement video is Katie’s Grandpa :)

From Katie, “I guess you could say, our wedding theme sort of tumbled out of that. :) We knew we wanted to somehow tastefully include bright colored balloons to resemble our individual personalities, but also wanted the wedding to resemble us as a couple. The gentleness and playfulness of a realistic and enduring love seem to be a lasting theme throughout the movie UP along with all the cheer it expressed, and we wanted those qualities to be seen in our wedding as well; because ultimately that is how we want to be defined as a couple.” Thanks so much to We Heart Photography for the lovely photos!

colorful bouquet

wedding first look

wedding first look

wedding dance

bride and groom

bridal party socks groomsmen

up balloon wedding ceremony

colorful balloons wedding

What song did you walk down the aisle to? I walked down to a portion of the song, ‘Carl Goes Up’ from the Up Soundtrack. The processional of our parents and the bridal party each walked down to different versions of the classic “Up” jingle, starting with a softer and gentler version for the parents/grandparents, then slowly increasing in tempo with the bridal party so that once it was my turn to enter the music sounded majestic. :)

wedding entrance through doors yarn wreath

colorful balloon wedding

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

My most memorable part of my wedding day, was probably when I got tunnel vision as I walked down the aisle. I knew that it would make me nervous to see all of my closest friends and family starring at me on this special day, so I locked my eyes on Zack at the very end and tried not to let out one of those awkward smiles that most tend to have when they are so extremely overjoyed.

balloon up inspired wedding ceremony

balloon up inspired wedding ceremony

door at wedding croquet

We also wanted the wedding to be very much homemade and personalized, so we strayed away from most traditional wedding decorations in order to incorporate our own personal touches further (i.e. flower boxes to run the aisles instead of a runner; the use of a tea cup and saucer to hold our communion instead of just an ordinary cup; having a gourmet breakfast buffet for dinner at the reception). Overall, we really desired for the wedding to be fun and relaxing for our family and friends, as well as bring together all of our favorite things in a somewhat simple manner.

wedding guestbook fingerprint balloons up wedding

up wedding cake

balloon wedding exit

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

Never give up on your wedding day dreams. Speak kindly yet firmly to your vendors to get across the feel that you desire for that day…and once it arrives, do not stress about anything. Most likely something will go wrong and if you let it get to you, it could dissipate your cheer and derive your heart from what you are there to celebrate…the love and union of you and your best friend.

Thanks so much Katie + Zack and best wishes for an amazing marriage and life together!


photography: We Heart Photography // venue name: The Hall of Letters building at University of Redlands // wedding dress: Allure Gown - Exclusive of Mon Amie Bridal // hairpiece: fabric flowers created by Terri Frenken (mother of the bride) // bridesmaid dresses: Anne Taylor Loft // hair stylist: Hair by Kim Ummel (family friend) // groom attire: Alfani Red suit and Ralph Lauren shirt // catering: Bon Appetit // cake: Martha Greens // music: The D'Jay Company // cinematography: Paperback Weddings // make-up: Brittany Larson (close friend and bridesmaid) // floral design: Mari Ann Joreteg