A Road Trip Engagement Session

I love seeing engagement photos and how different couples capture their relationship. I have three totally different engagement sessions to share today to hopefully inspire you guys with ideas. We’ll start off with this pretty road trip engagement shoot from Gabe Aceves. I love road trips and adore this engagement session of Maria + James. They teamed up with Anne + Lauren from A Trendy Wedding to help style a road trip shoot on some country roads in Virginia.




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James and I met and fell in love as freshmen in college.  The second day we were dating, at ages 17 and 18, we knew we could see ourselves getting married.  It seemed crazy at the time, but we were crazy in love.  As years passed, time only confirmed those initial feelings. James waited until I was 21 to propose, since it seemed a more fitting age for such things to occur, and made sure to ask my dad for permission first, even though we aren’t typically so traditional.  I am the oldest of two children and the only girl, so it’s tough for my family to let me go.  Now, we’ve been engaged for almost two and a half years and our wedding is a mere month away!  We came across Gabe on a wedding blog, and found his airy aesthetic perfect. We were thrilled that he could take engagement photos with us before the wedding.

Our families are spread out, so the road trip-inspired photoshoot was perfect for us.  James is from Texas, I’m from Maryland, and we have family in Indiana, New Mexico, and California.  We lived in Annapolis and Santa Fe during college, we now live in a Memphis suburb in Mississippi, and we have always loved traveling.  James got me the beautiful blue dress for my 23rd birthday, and I was thrilled to wear it for the shoot. Surprising me with the dress wasn’t easy — James visited my style blog, noticed that I swooned over that dress, then sneakily bought it for me. The shoot was freezing but so much fun!  Everyone was really relaxed and comfortable, and James and I snuggled together to stay warm.  The images perfectly reflect our journey together and our love.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos Maria + James! And big thanks to the gorgeous photography of Gabe Aceves. Gabe is based in Washington DC and available to travel.