DIY Favor Bags for Macarons

As a huge fan of macarons, I love this sweet + easy diy sent over from Shauna Younge. It would make a perfect wedding or bridal shower favor. :)

From Shauna, As a Minneapolis-based dessert table designer, I was thrilled to learn that hometown retailer, Target, recently added French macarons to their bakery lineup. After sampling each delectable flavor, I was inspired to design a favor bag befitting these little morsels of affordable luxury. I dressed up glassine favor bags with custom made, printable Thank You labels.

diy macaroon bags

In honor of the macaron’s French origins, each label features a bold “Merci” as well as the flavor name in French. Six color-coordinated labels boast of the single yummy treat inside: Macaron au Citron (Lemon), Macaron a la Framboise (Raspberry), Macaron a la Vanille (Vanilla), Macaron au Pistache (Pistachio), Macaron au Cafe (Coffee), and Macaron au Chocolat (Chocolate).

diy macaroon tags

diy macaroon tags

Color printer
Glassine favor bag (can be found here)
X-acto Knife
Double-sided tape

1. Download the label graphic. Follow the directions in the PDF for printer settings, label folding tips, and cutting advice.
2. Add a finishing touch to the bags and scallop the top with a pair of pinking shears or a rotary cutter.
3. Add macarons and fold down bag opening.
4. Affix the color-coordinated label using double-sided tape.
5. To maintain freshness and avoid food stains on the bag, line it with parchment paper.
6. Voilà! You’re ready to treat your guests to a little taste of Paris.

{all photos by Shauna with the exception of the top right via here}