20 Unique Engagement Rings

unique engagement rings

We’ve decided we have a theory when it comes to engagement rings: the more unique the sparkler, the better. That pretty bauble has a lot to live up to + not just any ring off the shelf will represent you + feel like the right fit. We know you’ll have your work cut out for you on this wedding ring search that lies ahead. There are lots of metals, stones, and shapes to consider. Since seeking out beautiful + uncommon rings just so happens to be one of our most favorite things to do, we’ve gone ahead and given you a head start, with this gorgeous collection of our current favorite unique engagement ring finds…

Above Engagement Rings: 1. Attelage Marquis Diamond Ceremonial Set by Anna Sheffield // 2. Ambro 1.80ct Rose Cut Ring // 3. Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring // 4. Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Ring // 5. Hexagon Brown Diamond Ring by Satomi Kawakita // 6. Diamond + Aquamarine Ring // 7. Yellow Gold Tiara Engagement Ring // 8. Champagne Oval Diamond Engagement Ring // 9. Jennie Kwon Sapphire + Diamond Ring // 10. Hazeline 14kt Rose Gold Solitaire

unique engagement rings

Above Engagement Rings: 11. Katie Diamond Leighton Ring // 12. 14K Rose Gold Moissanite Ring // 13. Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring by Catbird // 14. Herkimer Diamond Ring in Rose Gold // 15.  Brilliant Cut Hammered Diamond Ring // 16. Bea Ceremonial Set by Anna Sheffield // 17. Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Bridal Set // 18. Rose Cut Solitaire Ring // 19. 18k Reclaimed Gold Fair Trade Diamond Ring // 20. Attelage Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Tell us, ladies, which of the rings above is totally your style? Or if your dream ring is different than any of our finds, describe it to us in the comments section below!

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