Woodland Vermont Elopement: Marki + Andrija

I think elopements are the ultimate in romance – and so do Marki + Andrija. From the moment they decided to get married, they knew they didn’t want a traditional wedding. They wanted their wedding to be something that felt personal, romantic and simple, without much production. Eloping was the perfect solution! Deciding to get married in Stowe, Vermont was equally simple. Years ago, Marki + Andrija took an idyllic vacation to Stowe. They biked along miles of winding country trails, hiked the beautiful forests, and had a picnic every day. They also told themselves then and there that if they ever got married, they would do it in Stowe. I can’t think of a more beautiful place to elope. Special thanks to Logan Cole who captured their magical day…

wedding dress in lodge

bow heels

coffee shop elopement shopping


bride and groom jumping on bed

farm elopement


elopement picnic

elopement picnic

elopement picnic

bride with pop

elopement with cupcakes

bride and groom in boat

From Marki, “Planning an elopement was relatively simple – we hired a justice of the peace to perform the ceremony, and ordered cupcakes and a bouquet. I bought a wedding dress online, and voila! Everything was pretty much settled. The biggest decision I had to make was hiring a photographer. As Andrija and I would be the only people at our wedding, it was important to me to have some great pictures to remember our wedding, and to show friends and family. We hired the brilliant Logan Cole, who is based in CA (and we found on GWS!) and who kindly agreed to fly to Vermont with his awesome makeup artist, Amy Clarke.

Our wedding day was ten times more wonderful than I ever dreamed. We slept in, picked up cupcakes, champagne, and picnic supplies at the local markets, and had the world’s most perfect picnic on a grassy hill. We hopped into a canoe for a spin around the Waterbury Reservoir, and frolicked in a field of wild buttercups and spearmint. We met up with the justice of the peace and said our vows in a meadow at sunset, in the shadows of the Green Mountain. All in all, our wedding day was like magical perfection.”


bride and groom elopement

bride and groom elopement

bride and groom elopement

bride and groom in boat

peony bouquet

peony bouquet

field elopement

field elopement

bride in lace veil

bride and groom jumping

bride and groom

bride and groom elopement

What a beautiful, perfect wedding day! Congrats to Marki + Andrija!!

photographer: Logan Cole // floral designer: The Painted Tulip Floral and Event Design // venue: Topnotch Resort & Spa in Stowe, VT // makeup artist: Amy Clarke // cupcakes: the cakery // wedding dress: J. Mendel // shoes: Dolce Vita (available at Nordstrom)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE his little heel kick jump in the last photo! So cute! It looked like such a special and personal day for them. Glad they decided to do what made THEM happy, regardless of what people sometimes expect from weddings. It was beautiful!

  2. Perfection. This shows that Elopements are not about saving money, but about making the experience totally about love and each other. Makes me want to start offering Elopement Packages again at Cedarwood!

  3. in LOVE with this! so gorgeous!

  4. Aww. This is really sweet and romantic. I love every bit of it. I agree with you Jen – elopements really are the “ultimate” in romance.

  5. Her bare feet! Oh I just die! This just rocked my face! Oh this is just beautiful and AMAZING! congrats to them and what a gorgeous day. Oh I can’t get over this!

  6. This really makes a good case for eloping! The photos clearly show that they had a great time. Best wishes to them!

  7. What a SWEET story! I love the simplicity. Truly romantic and intimate. Looking back an elopement would not have been a bad idea at all. It is the “ultimate” in the romance dept. and having the ceremony outdoors in a field like this…so surreal. I love it!!

    The French Bouquet

  8. So adorable and inspiring!

  9. I love this so much!! Elopements are the best and this couple did it perfectly! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  10. I love her dress. Vermont looks like a beautiful place to get married.

  11. She looks so much like Kate Middleton!! Beautiful.

  12. perfect wedding day indeed. love how intimate is really was.

  13. Love everything about this beautiful elopement! It feels so intimate… The photography is amazing!

  14. Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to elope to Vermont!!! I agree that photography is just amazing. Digging those bow shoes too!

  15. wowwwwwww. good for them. this is absolutely beautiful.

  16. LOGAN did such a good job! And so did AMY! I just love them both. I continue to be blown away by Logan… he did my engagement shoot this past summer and i would recommend him to ANYONE AND EVERYONE. We’ve never hung up photos so fast.

    and this wedding just kills me. i wish i could live inside of their wedding and just never leave it. creepy? maybe. just way too pretty.

  17. The love and joy radiate from these pictures. Such a beautiful couple, a wonderful setting (just how I imagine Vermont!) and a fantastic photographer and makeup artist. The bride is gorgeous; love her hair, shoes, dress, jewelry–EVERYTHING.

  18. simply stunning. I adore her bow shoes! Does anyone know where they come from?

  19. Thanks for the feature Jen!
    Alyssa They are from Portland.

    • amazing photography! you have such a gift Logan. i have been searching for that style veil she is wearing. Do you know where it is from or the name of that kind of style?

  20. Nice couple! I love to wish both of them for happy life. Bride and her wedding dress are looking very pretty.

    Sandra W. Wood

  21. I love how the photographer was able to capture your whole story. Great images and beautiful elopement!

  22. Thank you for the nice comments, everyone! For those who asked, the shoes are Dolce Vita (available at Nordstrom) and the dress is by J. Mendel.

  23. Oh i love this!! magical is definitly the perfect word to describe it

  24. So simple ! So beautiful ! :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  25. This is incredible! If only I could convince my fiance to get married in a field of flowers and to have something so down to earth and small! Beautiful! Congratulations :)

  26. Love the fun expressions, and the bride looks beautiful.

  27. Hi Marki, love the artistic photographs, especially the b/w one with all the trees. Looks like you guys had a great time!!! Congratulatios!

  28. This actually brought tears to my eyes! It is so beautiful, I hope to incorporate some elopement elements into my wedding – not just skipping off with a photographer but really enjoying the day together privately as well as publicly. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I love the tilt lens images- those are really well done, Logan! And her dress is absolutely to-die-for. I want it!

  30. I love her dress…does anyone know where it came from?

  31. Hi Robin- The dress is by J. Mendel! So gorgeous, right? :)

  32. This is such a beautiful elopement. The photographs are absolutely stunning. Each and every one of them is amazing.

  33. Love, love, love the veil. Where did she get it?


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