What to Wear to a Wedding

I receive a good number of emails from readers asking for my opinion on what is appropriate to wear to different types of weddings. Since What to Wear seems to be a common question for wedding attendees, I asked our GWS Facebook fans to share their styling questions for particular types of weddings with me last week. There were lots of responses, so I think we may do another one of these later in the fall with more types of wedding – if you guys like this feature. :)

So here are our recommendations and shopping links for What to Wear to the following types of weddings.  First is our most popular style requested, Fall Barn/Rustic wedding:

What to Wear to a Fall Barn Wedding

What to Wear to a Fall Barn Wedding: 1. dress // 2. cardigan // 3. belt // 4. clutch // 5. boots

There were also quite a few requests for garden weddings and I think this is the perfect outfit for the next few months while the weather is still really warm.

What to Wear to a Garden Wedding

What to Wear to a Garden Party Wedding: 1. dress // 2. cardigan // 3. necklace // 4. clutch // 5. shoes

One of our readers is going to a wedding where she was requested to wear 1920’s attire – how fun! I love these picks below with a bit of a modern twist, but still in the 1920’s genre.

What to Wear to a Vintage 20's Wedding

What to Wear to a Vintage 1920’s Wedding: 1. dress // 2. feather hairpiece // 3. bracelet // 4. clutch // 5. shoes

And yes, lots of requests for backyard weddings. I think this outfit is perfect for fall when paired with the stylish sweater to keep you warm once the sun goes down.

What to Wear to a Backyard Wedding

What to Wear to a Backyard Wedding: 1. dress // 2. sweater // 3. necklace // 4. shoes // 5. feather cuff

A rooftop cocktail wedding downtown?! So fun. Here is what I’d wear to that wedding…

What to Wear to a Downtown Rooftop Wedding

What to Wear to a Downtown Rooftop Wedding: 1. dress // 2. necklace // 3. shoes // 4. clutch

What type of wedding would you like to see us cover in the next post? And if you missed the video this morning, Chriselle styled me in a few different weddings looks for a beach wedding, backyard, and garden wedding. Fun!

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  1. LOVE them all, but esp. your vintage 20s wedding look. The dress and headpiece alone are total showstoppers! Great picks!

  2. Love your picks for the 1920s vintage wedding. I just went through to AllSaints to pick-up the Electric Vest Dress for one of my girlfriends in my bridal party and unfortunately it’s out of stock. Thanks for putting this together x

  3. Ooh! Such great advice. The vintage 20’s would have to be my absolute fave. I’m off to find out where I can get my hands on that AMAZING dress!

  4. Great picks! It is so kind of you! I want to know what should I wear if I need to attend a beach wedding. Can you recommend some for me? Thank you!

  5. What a fabulous blog post idea! Love the backyard wedding ensemble–with wedges that won’t leave you with dirt-clod-clumped heels. :)

  6. I have a wedding the week before Christmas that I am attending. Bridesmaids are wearing long, one-shoulder black dresses and the bride is in vintage lacy dress. I am curious as to the attire I need to wear….. more formal (the wedding is at 6:00 p.m.) or dare I say Sunday attire? Please help!!

  7. What a great Idea, I am going to share on my facebook page. Love the accessories as well. Sheila

  8. I LOVE this post. I work at Anthropologie and SO often I get women coming in explaining the venue than asking me is this TOO fancy/casual! I love the examples shown. great post.


  9. You have the most amazing site!

    Love love love

  10. Picking appropriate shoes for the venue is so important. It’s great that you highlighted so many wedges, those are a must for outdoor weddings. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a few wedding day casualties when lady guests make poor choices and wear stilettos to garden/backyard/outdoor weddings. My favorite wedges that you featured were the grey Melissa Patchuli IV wedges.

  11. This is an excellent post. I don’t go to many weddings, but the outfits could definitely be applied to other special events.


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