Wedding Inspiration from the Movies: Sex and the City 2

Is anyone else excited for the latest Sex and the City movie? I love that most of the movie is supposed to take place in Abu Dhabi (although filmed in Morocco) and think that could provide some great inspiration for a fun Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party. A fun afternoon with your favorite gals sitting on pillows outside under a tent and drinking yummy drinks – sounds like a perfect time to me! Here are some ideas to help throw a fun party…

sex and the city bridal shower

Yummy light and refreshing cocktails are a must! Drinks with fresh fruit such as watermelon and cantaloupe would be great or maybe even a Prosecco Bar with juices your girls could pick from such as pomegranate, pear, peach, and tangerine juice. Photos above from Martha Stewart. Lots of lanterns hanging or placed around will create the perfect environment. Lanterns below from Z Gallerie (left) and Cost Plus (right).

moroccan lanterns

Raj Tents has lots of great tents + furniture you can rent to create the perfect environment. So many fun options! If that’s not in your budget, no worries! Collect lots of pillows and rugs for the ground and drap fabric around to create the same sense of style. Low dining table trays are the perfect height for all the snacks – you can easily create these by using plastic crates and covering them in fabric or scarves.

raj tents morocco

Fun, bright colored dresses are a must! Lots of cute options out there to keep in the spirit – plus they would be perfect to wear all summer :) Top two dresses from Anthropologie, bottom dresses from Urban Outfitters.

bridal shower dresses

It looks like the ladies are snacking on macaroons in this movie and I love that idea of course! Or better yet, how about a cupcake (the perfect Sex and the City sweet) with a macaroon on top?! There is a bakery here in Manhattan Beach, CA – Cupcakes Couture – that makes them and they are just as delicious as they sound!

macaroon cupcake

Renting a Bella Umbrella would be fun for some great photos of you and your friends. And this is the exact umbrella seen with Sarah Jessica Parker from the movie!

bella umbrella sex and the city 2

The most important part is having a great time with your favorite gals! What do you think? Anyone planning on using any of these ideas for a Bridal Shower they are planning?

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  1. I love your blog and check it almost everyday for updates. But I’d like to point out that the movie was not filmed in Abu Dhabi, and that they’re just saying that it’s taking place in Abu Dhabi (in the movie) reality it was filmed in another country. The Emirates (including Dubai) have even banned the movie from all theaters because of that, and the producers and director have apologized. Other than that, I’m exremleeeeeyyy looking forward to it!! haha;P

  2. I had lanterns much like the ones shown in my table centerpieces at my wedding. They were gorgeous and I really loved them. However the one warning I have is that the ones with the cut-outs on the sides (like the Z Galerie ones shown) will blow out very easily in the wind. Our wedding was outdoors and all the open sided lanterns blew out (even though I tried to protect them by putting the candles in votives inside the lanterns)!

    We also had glass-sided lanterns and those stayed lit throughout the evening. The ones with the side cutouts are soo pretty, I think if I had it to do again I would put some kind of non-flammable plastic inside them to protect them from the wind better.

  3. So fun! Would love to throw a party like this for my friend getting married! Great ideas – love that umbrella also!! Seeing the movie this weekend!

  4. Anonymous – She took care of your tip in the first paragraph. It says, “I love that most of the movie is supposed to take place in Abu Dhabi (although filmed in Morocco)…”

    Anyways, that would be a very fun bachelorette/bridal party idea! Maybe I can sway my bride-to-be friend this summer…

  5. LOVE this concept, especially the setup outside and the macaroons…so relaxing and girly!

  6. LOVE the idea of an outdoor party in a tent. So fresh, yet very classic.

  7. omg i LOVE this! i would like to style not only a girl’s night after this post but probably my entire life – apartment, car, boyfriend’s house, etc… thoughts?!

  8. I am so looking forward to seing the movie! The premier here in Spain is the 4th of June! Can´t wait!
    Great post!

    Love from Spain
    Miss D

  9. LOVE IT. I actually threw a party this way for my Sweet 16 and I have one suggestion from the experience: instead of advertising the short dresses, we found that LONG dresses were much more conducive to sitting on low cushions or chairs. I guess this is because when you’re sitting in a higher chair, it’s easier to cross your legs or keep your hands in your lap. Closer to the ground, you stretch your legs out differently and your hands are usually somewhere to balance yourself.

    Just a note!

  10. Great advice Dinka! I didn’t even think about that. A long dress would probably be much more comfortable for sitting on the ground. Thanks for the feedback :)

  11. There are few things more romantic than a Moroccan themed party! LOVE everything you shared, thank you!

  12. i loveee this!!
    It is absolutely stunning and makes me so excited as I will
    be leaving for Morocco in less than 3 weeks!!

    I will most likely be incorporating this into our wedding as our tables for the reception will be named after countries rather than numbering them.

  13. What brilliant and colourful imagery! The “you can take the girls out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girls” theme inspired one of our event projects recently but it was a little less exotic than Morocco. ‘A superfly socialite’s soiree’ took place at a mansion in Scotland for a city girl’s 21st birthday getaway! It was still great fun though! Some boys were allowed, but they were only given supporting roles ;)

  14. AH! I ADORE this idea. I love the thought of almost having the whole meal on top of blankets on the ground with tond of fluffy pillows and lanterns everywhere!

  15. I REALLY want to know where I could get similar containers to display the macarons! Does anybody have any idea? :)

  16. This text is fabulous! We now know a vendor in the Houston, TX area that has the tent from the Sex in the City 2 movie and it is stunning! She will be showing it at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza. Her rates are also unbeatable. To get more information about the tent you can contact her at Love this tent!


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