ZoMei Video Productions

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location: Orange County, CA United States

willing to travel: Yes

prices from:

My packages start at $3,200.

describe your artistic style:

We tell stories of people and their celebration together through the use of documentary type filming, vintage effects, and through the use of music. Very organic and raw filming.

what inspires you?

Music is my biggest inspiration, being able to soundtrack a film with the right kind of music at just the right time. Nature also plays a huge role in my filming, allowing me to be free and creative in whatever environment I am in.

what do you love about weddings?

I love anything that gets a bunch of people together to celebrate. Its in these times between the hectic moments in life that we really appreciate, and there is no better way to remember them than through video

what's your travel policy?

I FREQUENTLY travel and shoot from California to the Southeast (North Carolina and South Carolina) as well as Southwest. I love to travel and I am flexible with travel expenses.

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