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location: Los Angeles, CA

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phone: 818.800.2380

willing to travel: Yes

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Music is the heartbeat to a wedding. Once the weeks, months (and sometimes years) of planning have ended and the celebration begins, the DJ will be the one to make sure you and all of your guests are having the time of your lives. We believe that a great DJ is always reading the crowd and communicating with them through the mix - we think carefully about the time, the place, and the people in front of us to choose something that’s perfect. We want to see what records make people go crazy and let the spirit travel out of their bodies on the dance floor. Sure, most DJs essentially do the same thing - spin records and entertain a crowd - but it's how we do it that makes the difference. We have a unique ability to mix any genre of music, perform for any type of crowd, and a precise sense of timing with any music selection. We believe that a significant, overlooked skill of a great wedding DJ, is also being a great MC. Our style is making well-timed announcements in a natural, personable way, without being overbearing or cheesy. We want to get people involved and excited without stealing the spotlight from the bride and groom. But it’s important that your DJ is well-spoken on the microphone, because after all, we are leading your event - but our style is to lead without you and your guests knowing you're being lead.

what inspires you?
We are in this business because we love people and we love music. Your love for one another and our opportunity to share our art on your wedding day inspire us to be the best DJs we can be.

what do you love about weddings?
Love brings everyone together. Most weddings include an eclectic group of guests - all different ages and walks of life. There is a point at every wedding where all of your guests are on the dance floor, together as one, losing themselves in the music we are playing. Your love brought them there and we kept them there.

what's your travel policy?
We will gladly travel anywhere in the world. You pay for our travel expenses and we will be there.

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