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Wednesday and October

location: Portland, San Francisco, OR

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willing to travel: Yes

describe your artistic style:
As Marko Marinkovic once said, "Stories are always there, there is no need to interrupt or to create false moments." Honesty and sincerity are both incredibly important factors to me, and I strive to capture my images in this way. I'll guide you where necessary (but trust me, you won't even need it), and focus on what we are all really there for, which is you and your love. Aesthetically though, I'm prone to liking a more moody and intimate look (rainy wedding days, yo!).

what inspires you?
Currently splitting my time between the Cape Town region (in South Africa) and Portland, OR. I love (but like, REALLY love) travelling, so I'm totally willing to take this show onto any road. My goal as a photographer is to capture your wedding, your love and your life, honestly. Unscripted. I believe that real and sincere moments are what matter, and that those are the ones that you'll remember and tell your grandkids about one day. You matter. Your stories matter. And documenting your stories matter to me. Whoever you are (seriously, LOVE IS LOVE and #lovewins) and wherever your story may take place, telling your story of love is what I want to do. Heck yes!

what do you love about weddings?
Weddings, in whatever form they may take place (I'm a huge fan of elopements too, btw), are all about the love. Love in itself is such an intricate part of our human existence, it is woven into all cultures in some way, it's something that connects us and builds community. I think that's a beautiful thing. Also, weddings are just so much fun. Why wouldn't you love weddings??

what's your travel policy?
Currently offering 'all inclusive options' on my packages concerning travelling. Sound like a good deal? That's cause it is. Do it.

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