The Parks

location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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phone: (604) 727-9343

willing to travel: Yes

about us
First and foremost, we love life. We're filled with curiosity, excitement, and passion by the beauty we see around us. Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, give, and experience the real/wierd/raw/emotional-ness of life; the big things and the small things that make us human. We approach our work with the same curiosity and passion, we want to be present and celebrate with you, and then tell a story that brings you back again and again. We want to make films for people who are enthralled with life, love wildly, and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Natural, earthy, and nostalgic would be a few words to describe the type of style we use in our films, we want to capture you being you. Our clients appreciate artistic vision, a healthy lifestyle, and the people they do life with. Our dream is to travel, to see more and experience all the world has to offer. If you're interested in having us join you for any occasion, please do let us know!

our approach / working with us
We like to think of our films as the blending of the real and raw with the artistic and cinematic . We love documenting tearful first looks, poetic vows, and heartfelt speeches just as much as we love capturing tender portrait moments, beautiful details and amazing landscapes and we try to find the right balance of these within each story. Natural, earthy, genuine and nostalgic would be a few words to describe the style we aim for. We hope that you'll trust us and our vision, but we also hope that you'll create alongside us so we can make something truly special together. Ultimately, the most precious keepsake of your wedding day isn't a film. At the heart of this day is your marriage, and we hope our films convey something that is more than themselves.

why we love weddings
There is something mysterious about weddings that always leaves us with a deep sense of amazement and gratitude. We believe that the relationships we share with our loved ones are the most important and fulfilling thing in life. With that in mind weddings are unique in that they are a gathering of all of the people that mean most to the couple. It makes for something truly unique and very special every single time and it is always a joy to be a part of such a celebration.

our travel policy
We do not charge travel fees beyond basic travel and room and board for two nights. We are very eager to travel so we may be willing to arrange special pricing for certain locations.

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