Photography in the North

The Hons

location: New York City, New York

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phone: 917-484-2152

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Starting $3,500 - OUR MOTTO: WE GIVE A SHIT. We capture weddings for what it truly is about- love, family, friends and one hell of a party to celebrate. If our work speaks to you, that's what matters to us. We are open minded to budgets as long as you appreciate what we do and respect our hard work :)

about us
When couples are madly in love and say to us "we trust what you do. Just do whatever you do best". Holy moly, we blossom from that kind of trust! We truly give a shit about what we do, so when we know you give a shit too - magic happens.

our approach / working with us
Moments that matter. Wam, bam. Thank you maa'm. Little bit of traditional stuff, too. It's both important when it comes to a wedding day.

why we love weddings
Honestly, it's more about the story of the couple. That's why we are all about connecting with you. When we first started this whole wedding shin-dig stuff, we didn't do the whole "connection" thing at the time (we didn't know that was even an option) and we would get booked, show up, shoot photos and deliver. It felt very bland. Just a wedding is not enough for us. It's the love story between the two of you and getting to know you both. Then come day of the wedding, we feel like friends documenting your story with your family and friends... WAY MORE EXCITING FOR US!!

our travel policy
We will totally travel. We do have a "Little Hon" and we miss her terribly, so we limited ourselves to traveling up to 4 destination weddings a year.

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