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location: Boston, MA

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phone: (774) 614-9870

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: $1500-$5500

about us
StopGoLove was bred out of curiosity. After watching one too many lifeless wedding films we decided to see if we couldn't do any better. People seemed to like what we came up with and we've been building off of that ever since! We think that if you're going to do something average then there's absolutely no reason to do it in the first place. We're the kinds of people who don't like a lot of things, but become obsessive when we do. We love excellence. We love a simple, well done cup of pour over coffee. We love inventive design that makes things just a little bit easier. We love gear. Lastly, we love innovative and captivating storytelling. Duh, it's what we do!

our approach / working with us
Is StopGoLove-ey an adjective? This is usually the part where we ask people to view our work and then tell us! We create films that best embody our couples. We do our best to pace our wedding films to match the tempo of the day and the style of the bride and groom. This means a film could be fast and fun or slow and sentimental. All-in-all, our films are quality. They’re creative. We promise to care.

why we love weddings
Honestly, the best part of a wedding are the couples we get to meet. They’re pretty freeking cool. Creating something that is both creatively driven and sentimentally valued is what we love about weddings. It’s one of the most important days of a person’s life! We’re just honored to be a part.

our travel policy
We love travel. Just ask!

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