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location: Chicago, IL United States

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describe your artistic style:

Simply Wood Rings is an Eco-conscious company that makes wooden engagement, wedding, anniversary, and commitment rings. Our design aesthetic is simple. As the wood offers so much beauty on its own, there is little need for embellishment. We use salvaged materials, giving the wood a chance at a new, noble life as a representation of love. We also invite customers to send us materials that have meaning to them: wood from a tree in their hometown, or a tree where the couple had their first kiss, even sand from the beach of the proposal. Connecting couples with nature, family, and each other is powerfully represented through the materials that we craft into the rings. Our rings are handcrafted with love.

what inspires you?

Simply Wood Rings is an Earth-friendly and unique alternative in an industry over-saturated with diamonds and precious metals. It was thanks to Gustav's wife, who has a metal allergy, that Gustav was able to realize a durable method of crafting wood rings. Since then we have collaborated with customers to create rings that are naturally stunning. We enjoy coming up with new ways of working with wood, and finding new sources to recycle this strong, beautiful material.

what do you love about weddings?

It is an honor to play such an important role in people's weddings. We love getting to hear their love stories, and see how they decide to craft their rings. No two couples are alike, so being able to design and choose materials that are unique to the couple is an important part of the process, and we like to keep our customers involved.

what's your travel policy?

Simply Wood Rings is based in Chicago, where we welcome customers to visit our studio. Additionally, we send our wood rings all over the world. We are happy to communicate with our global customers to create the rings that are right for them, and ship them Internationally.

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